Aranshahik was the first ruling dynasty of Caucasian Albania from an unknown date until the late sixth century AD. According to Movses Khorenatsi, the dyansty of Aranshahik was established by the Armenian king Vagharshak.[1]

  1. Prince Arran
  2. Prince Aray
  3. Prince Anushavan
  4. Prince Parat
  5. Prince Arbag
  6. Prince Zavan
  7. Prince Parnas
  8. Prince Sur
  9. Prince Havang
  10. Prince Vashtagh
  11. Prince Ambakh
  12. Prince Arnakh
  13. Prince Shavarsh
  14. Prince Horay
  15. Prince Vastamkar
  16. Prince Harakh
  17. Prince Hiran
  18. Prince Anjakh
  19. Prince Dalagh
  20. Prince Horai II
  21. Prince Zarmehr
  22. Prince Borj
  23. Prince Arbun
  24. Prince Bazak
  25. Prince Khoy
  26. Prince Yusak
  27. Prince Khaynakh
  28. Prince Skaiordu
  29. Prince Parui
  30. Prince Pharnavaz
  31. Prince Pajuj
  32. Prince Kornak
  33. Prince Pavus
  34. Prince Eruand
  35. Prince Tigran

Cadet branchesEdit

Almost no information exists about Prince Arran and his early successors. According to tradition, in the beginning of the 7th century the Mihranids had invited 60 men of the Aranshahiks to a banquet and had killed them all, with the exception of Zarmihr Aranshahik, who had married a Mihranid princess. Hence the Mihranid family had becomen princes of Gardman and presiding princes of all Caucasian Albania. Sahl Smbatean was a descendant of Zarmihr Aranshahik. According to Arakel Babakhanian Esayi Abu-Muse was a member of the local house of Aranshahik too.[2]

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