Aralez (mythology)

An artistic description of Aralez

Aralezes (also Aralezner in plural; in Armenian: Արալեզ) are dog-like creatures, or spirits, in Armenian cultural beliefs or in the Armenian mythology, who live in the sky, or on mount Massis (Mount Ararat), according to other imaginations. They were praised with Ara the Beautiful and Shamiram (Semiramis) in Old Armenia. Armenians believed that aralezes descended from the sky to lick the wounds of dead heroes so they could relive or resurrect.[1][2][3]

According to Armenian historians, when Mushegh Mamikonyan died, his relatives placed his corpse on a tower, hoping that aralezes would lick and revive him. Also, a similar event had taken place before this, when aralezes had licked and revived Ara the Beautiful, although, in the Armenian history, is told that the last event was probably a sort of lie, uttered by Shamiram, Ara the Beautiful's lover, who had killed Ara accidentally during war, and had told Ara's people that his corpse was placed on mountains, where aralezes would revive him. But she had chosen a man who looked like Ara, and had dressed him like Ara, and had lied to the people that this last was alive.

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