Arabo (Armenian: Արաբօ, 1863–1893), born Arakel Avedisian, was a famed Armenian fedayi (freedom fighter) of the late 19th century, one of the first fedayis.[1]

Arabo (c. 1890)
Native name
Birth nameArakel Avedisian
Kurter village, Bitlis Vilayet, Ottoman Empire
Died1893 (aged 29–30)
The road from Khnus to Mush, Ottoman Empire
AllegianceArmenian fedayi
Years of servicelate 1880s—1893
Battles/warsArmenian National Liberation Movement

Arabo was born in the village of Kurtis (Bitlis province). Arabo studied at the Arakelots monastery school in Mush. Beginning in the late-1880s, he led the Armenian fedayi groups from Sasun and Daron. In 1892, he was arrested by Turkish authorities and sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment, but escaped from prison and resumed Fedayi activities. From 1889, he returned to the Caucasus several times to continue his fedayi activities. He took part in the first ARF conference in 1892. In spring of 1893, he returned to his country from Kars to help rebels from Sasun, but was killed in 1893 during a battle with Kurdish gangs on the road from Khnus to Mush (Western Armenia) with his four comrades.[2]

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