April 2014 Nicaragua earthquake

The April 2014 Nicaragua earthquake occurred on April 10 at 17:27 local time. The earthquake hit about 50 kilometres (31 mi) north of the town of Managua. The shock measured 6.1 on the moment magnitude scale and had a maximum Mercalli intensity of VI (Strong).[1]

The earthquake resulted in the death of one person and 266 injured. Over 1500 houses were damaged, and tremors continued for many hours afterwards. The town of Nagarote and nearby villages in the Leon Region were the most affected by the earthquake. [2]

In less than a day, another earthquake hit Nicaragua, this time near the city of Granada, at 3:29 local time. The second quake registered at a 6.6 magnitude, however, it did not result in any casualties.[3]

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Coordinates: 12°08′12″N 86°11′05″W / 12.1366°N 86.1847°W / 12.1366; -86.1847