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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
April 24, 2005
Penumbral eclipse Minneapolis 24 April 2005.png
The eclipse over Minneapolis, Minnesota, with inset images of the rising full moon a few hours before the eclipse, and the setting moon at 9:55 UTC near greatest eclipse.
Lunar eclipse chart close-05apr24.png
The moon passed right to left through the Earth's southern penumbral shadow.
Series (and member) 141 (23)
Duration (hr:mn:sc)
Penumbral 4:05:38
P1 7:52:06 UTC
Greatest 9:54:51 UTC
P4 11:57:44 UTC
Lunar eclipse chart-05apr24.png
The moon's path across southern penumbral shadow in Virgo.

A penumbral lunar eclipse took place on April 24, 2005, the first of two lunar eclipses in 2005. At maximum eclipse, 87% of the Moon's disc was partially shaded by the Earth, which caused a slight shadow gradient across its disc; this subtle effect may have been visible to careful observers. No part of the Moon was in complete shadow. The eclipse lasted 4 hours and 6 minutes overall, and was visible from east Asia, Australia, and the Americas.


NASA chart of the eclipse




This is the 23rd member of Lunar Saros 141. The previous event was the April 1987 lunar eclipse. The next event is the May 2023 lunar eclipse.

Related eclipsesEdit

Lunar eclipse 2002-2005Edit

It is the last of four lunar year cycles, repeating every 354 days.

Saros seriesEdit

Lunar Saros 141, repeating every 18 years and 11 days, has a total of 72 lunar eclipse events including 26 total lunar eclipses.

First Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: 1608 Aug 25

First Partial Lunar Eclipse: 2041 May 16

First Total Lunar Eclipse: 2167 Aug 01

First Central Lunar Eclipse: 2221 Sep 02

Greatest Eclipse of the Lunar Saros 141: 2293 Oct 16

Last Central Lunar Eclipse: 2546 Mar 18

Last Total Lunar Eclipse: 2618 May 01

Last Partial Lunar Eclipse: 2744 Jul 16

Last Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: 2888 Oct 11


March 1915 lunar eclipse

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March 1951 lunar eclipse

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Metonic seriesEdit

This eclipse is the last of four Metonic cycle lunar eclipses on the same date, April 23–24, each separated by 19 years:

The Metonic cycle repeats nearly exactly every 19 years and represents a Saros cycle plus one lunar year. Because it occurs on the same calendar date, the Earth's shadow will in nearly the same location relative to the background stars.

Metonic lunar eclipse sets 1948–2005
Descending node   Ascending node
Saros Date Type Saros Date Type
111 1948 Apr 23 Partial 116 1948 Oct 18 Penumbral
121 1967 Apr 24 Total 126 1967 Oct 18 Total
131 1986 Apr 24 Total 136 1986 Oct 17 Total
141 2005 Apr 24 Penumbral 146 2005 Oct 17 Partial

Half-Saros cycleEdit

A lunar eclipse will be preceded and followed by solar eclipses by 9 years and 5.5 days (a half saros).[1] This lunar eclipse is related to two solar eclipses of Solar Saros 148.

April 17, 1996 April 29, 2014

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  1. ^ Mathematical Astronomy Morsels, Jean Meeus, p.110, Chapter 18, The half-saros

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