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Apricot seed oil in a clear glass vial

Apricot oil or apricot kernel oil is pressed from the kernels of the Prunus armeniaca (apricot). Apricot kernels have an oil content of 40-50%. The oil is similar to almond oil and peach oil, both of which are also extracted from the kernels of the respective fruit. The apricot oil has been proven to cure many skin diseases such as dandruff, furuncle, and acne vulgaris. Other known uses for it are to treat coughing, asthma, and constipation. [1]

The seed cake is also used separately to extract an essential oil, which contains Amygdalin - a colorless crystalline glucoside.

The oil is chiefly composed of oleic acid and linoleic acid, both of which are unsaturated fats.


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