The Appleby logboat is a Bronze Age logboat, found during dredging of the old River Acholme near Appleby, North Lincolnshire, England in 1943.[1] It dates to the period 1500–1300 BC.[2] It is one of two prehistoric dug-out boat found in the Ancholme, the other being found near Brigg in 1886.[3] Both of these boats contain evidence of repairs in the form of sewing of lashing techniques: splits in the wood had been repaired using birch (Betula sp.) plants held in place by oak (Quercus sp.) wedges.[4]

Appleby logboat
Created1500–1300 BC
DiscoveredRiver Ancholme, North Lincolnshire, England
Present locationNorth Lincolnshire Museum, Scunthorpe, England

The boat is on public display at North Lincolnshire Museum.[5]

Discovery of a one-tree logboat in Brigg in 1886

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