Appatlo Okadundevadu

Appatlo Okadundevadu is a 2016 Telugu language Sports Action crime film directed by Saagar K Chandra and produced by Prashanti & Krishna Vijay under the banner of Aran Media Works. This movie stars Sree Vishnu, Nara Rohit, and debutante Tanya Hope in the lead.[1][2][3][4] It was commercially successful at the box office.

Appatlo Okadundevadu
Appatlo Okadundevadu poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed bySaagar K Chandra
Produced byPrashanti & KrishnaVijay
StarringSree Vishnu
Tanya Hope
Nara Rohit
Music bySai Karthik
CinematographyNaveen Yadav
Edited byKotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Release date
30 December 2016
Running time
125 minute


Director Saagar k Chandra in Cinivaram, Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad

The story begins in Chanchalguda central jail. A national level women cricketer turned journalist Riya (Sasha Singh) comes from Kolkata to meet a petty thief called Solomon (Prabas Srinu) to know about Railway Raju (Sree Vishnu), an ex-gangster who was once a national level cricketer. After being paid 5000 bucks, Solomon narrates his story. In 1992, Railway Raju who belongs to Railway colony in Hyderabad plays for Hyderabad team in Ranjhy tournament. He aspires to become an Indian cricketer and earn a central government job in Indian Railways. He has a small world in his middle-class family, friends and his lady love Nitya (Tanya hope). When he is about to realize his dream, a police officer called Imtiyaz Ali (Nara Rohit) spoils his life. Imtiyaz Ali who is an honest cop and encounter specialist who nabs all naxalites. He hates naxalites because his parents were dead in a naxalites attack. So to take revenge on them, he targets all the naxalites. Now his prime target is Savyasachi (Ravi Varma) and his gang. He investigates about savyasachi's wife Ahalya (Manasa himavarsha) and finds out that Railway Raju is her younger brother then he interrogates him then in the interrogation Railway Raju says her sister went away and they don't know her where about and they are waiting for her arrival with hope. Then it came to know that she was married with Savyasachi and became a naxalite which was told by Imtiyaz. Then Imtiyaz does not believe his words after knowing that he is a cricketer Imtiyaz's higher official conducts a test in cricket to prove his innocence i.e. he have to hit at least 4 sixes in 6 balls. Raju hits 4 sixes in 6 balls successfully including one "switched shot". In the gap of the narration Solomon says that after 12 years the same shot was beaten by a foreign cricketer and it was named as a switched shot but actually it want to name it as Railway Raju's shot. Then he continues the narration. After proving his innocence the higher official of imtiaz lives him on the condition that whenever his sister came to see him inform them immediately. Then one day at a Railway station Raju receives a message from his sister to meet her privately then he ignores the condition of police and meets her in private then his sister ahalya and brother in law Savyasachi there they advices him to exile to foreign then Raju refuses to leave because he loves cricket so he don't want to lose cricket. Then suddenly they were attacked by police on the leadership of imtiyaz. In the shootout all were escapes successfully except Raju. In the other side two cops were dead then imtiyaz swears on their death and challenges with Raju to destroy him, his sister brother in law and his gang and lefts him. Meanwhile, in Ganesh utsav the railway colony association grandly celebrates Ganesh utsav but in the celebrations it was interrupted by Bhagvan das (G.V.Sudhakar Naidu) a local gangster demands Rs.1 lakh fine because the association created losses to his dhanda on the name of Ganesh utsav. Then the association compromised and agrees to pay the loss which has they never done. They took some time to pay the compensation from him and appointed Solomon and vittal Seth (Brahmaji) to collect money from the colony. Bhagvan das agrees to give time on the condition to Raju that if the association cannot paid compensation in one week he takes nitya as his compensation and makes her a harlot. Then after receiving money vittal Seth gives an idea to make profit with that money and after getting profit they can pay the money to Bhagvan das. Meanwhile, Imtiyaz Ali uses his influence with one of his higher official who is a respective member of Hyderabad cricket association. He stops the selection of Raju in national level team and disqualifies him because of his background which cannot be trusted. So imtiyaz spoiled Raju's carrier and took it as more personal. Meanwhile, vittal Seth and Solomon was fooled by a con called Seenu (Srinivas reddy) and lost the entire money. The time limit which has been given by Bhagvan das was ended then his henchmen came and kidnaps nitya. It was came to know to Raju he came to make a compromise again with Bhagvan das but it turned into a heated fight between them and in the process Raju kills Bhagavan das and flees. The story has been interrupted by a constable in jail to arrest Solomon because on the charges of having cell phone in jail. While before arresting he advises to meet vittal Seth his current enemy now a retired businessman lives in the same city. Then Riya meets vittal Seth in a comical circumstance asks about Railway Raju then he continues Raju's story. The Bhagvan das murder became a sensation in Hyderabad at 1992 police takes it as a challenge and arrests Railway Raju within 2 days. Meanwhile, Imtiyaz Ali makes a deal with Purushottham (Satya Prakash) a naxalite who belongs to savyasachi's gang named him as a demon who is an expert in using arms and ammunition. According to the deal Purushottham co-operate with police to kill savyasachi and his gang then police want to cancel the cases on him. Next the ransom which has been declared on his head is must give to him. And whichever he makes a business after settling down police must support his dhanda indirectly. Then he makes them intoxicated and kills Savyasachi, ahalya and remaining other members. After seeing ahalya's dead body Raju's mother dies in shock. Then all facts came to know to Raju and decides to take revenge on imtiyaz Ali. But unexpectedly a chance came to live a new life which he has never expected was given by an NRI business man turned Minister Ashok Reddy (Rajiv Kanakala). Then he came out of the jail because the witnesses has not been proved against him then he makes deals with ashok reddy and becomes his benamie and becomes a new gangster in Hyderabad. At the time of privatization He thinks creatively and invests in scrap business and becomes riches. Then with the help of Ashok Reddy he made human rights allegations on imtiyaz Ali and suspends him temporarily. Raju meets imtiyaz and challenges him he cannot wear police dress again in his lifetime and also says that he earns every rupee and He steps to further level to destroy him only. After that he marries nitya without her parents will. Then he invests in real estate he makes a bet of Rs.10000 with vittal seth that one day kukatpally's site will become 1lakh. And he enters in other businesses with a fore site. Meanwhile, Imtiyaz Ali is struggling to fight with the human rights cases against him without any support. Meanwhile, Bhagwan das brothers appoints Purushottham now a hitman to kill Railway Raju. Then in a party he attempts to shoot Raju it was missed and shoted to nitya. In the hospital it is came to know that she was pregnant and she makes him realize the mistakes he has done in the process and make him feel that he was in wrong track. Feeling ashamed of his deeds Raju decides to leave the crime world but vittal Seth now his right-hand man advises him to enter in politics to escape from the death and starts a new life. Meanwhile, Imtiyaz Ali was back into service to deal with a stamp paper scam which worths Rs.30000 crores involved by Railway Raju and minister Ashok Reddy and he targets Raju again. Then the bad time starts to Railway Raju because of imtiyaz Ali and he started to lose all of his strengths. Then vittal Seth advises to make compromise with Bhagvan das brothers and arranges a spot called "aman-ka-saudagar" which means peacemakers. In the meeting Purushottham comes with them and says that he raped her sister ahalya in intoxication and later killed her with among the others. Then angered Raju kills all his enemies including aman-ka-saudagar members. According to the rules of these peacemakers if any person tries to break the settlement then the private army up to 4000 of aman-ka-saudagar will kill that person. So according to this Railway Raju creates a new enemy. Then finally Imtiyaz Ali arrests the minister who involved in the scam and finishes all of his gang members and targets Railway Raju. Raju, vittal Seth and nitya changes their hideout everyday. Then finally they decide to leave Hyderabad some huge amount which has been safely kept by vittal Seth in an oil tanks hide out. Then nitya went to a Railway station and started waiting for them. Then Railway Raju went to the oil hideout to take money than he faces imtiyaz Ali and both started fighting finally imtiyaz became victorious in the fight and killed Raju. Then Vittal Seth was arrested and sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment. After hearing the death of Raju, nitya went aimlessly to far away place her where abouts is unknown. After completion of the story vittal Seth feels sad for remembering of the past. Then the next day riya sees age old Railway Raju's picture in a sports column of a newspaper immediately meets Imtiyaz Ali along with vittal seth now he retired voluntarily and settled in Old city Hyderabad. First he refuses to tell anything about the issue then Riya reveals that she is the daughter of Railway Raju and nitya is her mother. She continues the story after that Nitya lives Hyderabad and reached Kolkata then she was born in Kolkata. After she was born her mother died, before dying she gave some basic details about her father to the hospital staff. Then she was adopted by a Bengali couple and revils her secret on her 18th birthday. She came to know about her father and if it is possible she wants to meet him. Then Imtiyaz Ali continues Raju's story. After completion of fight before to kill Raju, Imtiyaz notices a gold chain which he has been gifted the same gold chain to his sister then asked about this to Raju. Then he says that once he attacked the Bhagvan das brothers and he injured them badly in that hideout he saves a girl from these brothers who are trying to rape her. In the token of gratitude she feels Raju as her brother gifted her chain to him. Raju's henchmen safely dropped her at home. Then imtiyaz enquires with her sister and conforms that she was the girl who was saved by Raju. Then Imtiyaz ashamed about his misdeeds towards him and says he cannot recognize what is good and bad so he decides to leave him on 3 conditions i.e. he should not contact his underworld connections, he must leave Hyderabad and he want save himself from aman-ka-saudagar. Then suddenly a person who belongs to aman-ka-saudagar attacks Raju imtiyaz saves him and kills that person. So Officially on the records Railway Raju was dead and he changes his identity and went to some other place which he doesn't know according to the conditions which imposed by him he couldn't make any contact with his men and he didn't come to Hyderabad. After hearing his story feeling satisfied Riya with a hope to see her father one day. And she reached Kodagu (Karnataka) for a cricket tournament which she has been participating. Then suddenly she saws Indian Cricket team wise captain Praneeth Kumar (Satyadev) she is a big fan of him. Then suddenly he recognized vittal Seth and asks about him. Then puzzled Seth asked about him he introduced him as tester once they all were always calls him like that because he used to test the bulbs always. Then he continues Raju's story. After went of nitya, Raju came to station and searched her entire station but he cannot find her then after losing all hopes he decides to move on then he got a second chance to find his sole in cricket after that he started a National Cricket Academy (NCA). Then Raju called him and makes him a good player he makes so many players like him from a poor family. And gives so many players to Indian teams. Then Riya introduces herself and she meets her father then the atmosphere will become emotional after that the next day in the match vittal Seth gives Rs.10000 to Raju for losing his bet. In the audience gallery tester observes the innings of Riya. Finally the film ends with Riya delivers the last ball of the match to a switched shot and it became a six and her team is won in the match which was encouraging by his father.



Appatlo Okadundevadu
Soundtrack album by
ReleasedNovember 26, 2016
LabelAran Music
ProducerSai Karthik
Sai Karthik chronology
Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam
Appatlo Okadundevadu

The soundtrack of the film was composed by Sai Karthik[5] and marketed by Aran Music alongside with Divo on November 26, 2016.

Track list
1."Tomorrow"VanamaliYazin Nizar4:11
2."Jaraa Itharavo"Mohemmed ShakeelSaketh Komanduri2:12
3."Pasi Puvunu"Kasarla ShyamRohit Paritala2:35
4."Ee Kshanam"BalajiDinker kalvala, Saicharan Bhaskaruni3:38
5."Nee Navvu Leni"Suddala Ashok TejaDivija Karthik2:30
6."Jatharakeldaama"Suddala Ashok TejaDeepthi Pardhasaradhy1:25
7."Kannu Teriste"Kasarla ShyamSaicharan Bhaskaruni, Saketh Komanduri, Raghuram2:38
8."A Neeli Mabbullona"Suddala Ashok TejaSaicharan Bhaskaruni2:30
Total length:21:07


Critical receptionEdit

Y. Sunita Chowdhary of The Hindu gave 1.5 out of 5 stars and wrote "The narration moves at a snail’s pace and songs are totally unnecessary in a subject like this. Though the story appears honest at times, it falls steeply as it progresses".[6]The Times of India gave 3.5 out of 5 stars stating "Script and the screenplay are the heroes of this film. Appatlo Okadundevadu is a gripping story, high on action and emotion. A rare feat to achieve and yet delivered effectively".[7] gave 3 out of 5 stars stating "Appatlo Okadundevadu is a film with decent content. Movie of this nature needs to be more engaging with an arresting screenplay which is missing".[8]


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