Roman Catholic Diocese of Nkongsamba

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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Nkongsamba (Latin: Nkongsamben(sis)) is a Latin suffragan diocese in the Ecclesiastical province of Douala in Cameroon.

Its cathedral episcopal see is the Cathédrale de l’Immaculée Conception, dedicated to the Immaculate Conception at Nkongsamba, in Moungo Department in the Littoral Region (Cameroon).


As per 2014, it pastorally served 148,062 Catholics (42.4% of 349,270 total) on 4,057 km2 in 505 parishes, 3 missions with 80 priests (67 diocesan, 13 religious), 130 lay religious (41 brothers, 89 sisters) and 40 seminarians.


Established on April 28, 1914 as Apostolic Prefecture of Adamaua, an immense territory on the Adamawa Pateau, split off from the much vaster still Apostolic Vicariate of Khartoum, in the then Anglo-Egyptian Sudan.

Renamed on June 11, 1923 as Apostolic Prefecture of Foumban, after its see F(o)umban.

Promoted on May 28, 1934 as Apostolic Vicariate of Foumban, hence entitled to a (titular) bishop.

It lost territory repeatedly :

On September 14, 1955, it was promoted and renamed as Diocese of Nkongsamba after its present see.



(all Roman rite)

Apostolic Prefects of Adamaua
  • Father Gerhard Lennartz, Dehonians (S.C.I.) (1914.04.29 – 1919)
  • Fr. Joseph Donatien Plissonneau, S.C.I. (1920.02.07 – 1923.06.11 see below)
Apostolic Prefects of Foumban
Apostolic Vicar of Foumban
  • Paul Bouque, S.C.I. (see above 1934.05.28 – 1955.09.14 see below), Titular Bishop of Vagada (1934.05.28 – 1955.09.14)
Suffragan Bishops of Nkongsamba

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