Aplington–Parkersburg Community School District

Coordinates: 42°34′23″N 92°46′47″W / 42.573020°N 92.779665°W / 42.573020; -92.779665

Aplington–Parkersburg Community School District is a rural public school district in Parkersburg, Iowa. Occupying portions of Butler and Grundy counties, it serves the towns of Aplington and Parkersburg.[2]

Aplington–Parkersburg Community School District
Aplington-Parkersburg logo.png
Butler and Grundy counties
United States
Coordinates42.573020, -92.779665
District information
TypeLocal school district
SuperintendentRobert Strabla
Budget$11,440,000 (2017-18)[1]
NCES District ID1903750[1]
Students and staff
Students855 (2019-20)[1]
Teachers62.69 FTE[1]
Staff65.09 FTE[1]
Student–teacher ratio13.64[1]
Athletic conferenceNorth Iowa Cedar League
Other information


The district formed on July 1, 2004, with the merger of the Aplington Community School District and the Parkersburg Community School District.[3] The predecessor districts had started sharing grades and activities in 1992.[4] Enrollment declines contributed to the grade-sharing and the merger; the two districts together had 947 students in 1992 and 886 students in 2001; in 2003 the enrollment projection for 2006 was 762 students. The State of Iowa had already paid money to the pre-merger districts in exchange for having their grade-sharing, and it promised $500,000 for a successful merger.[5]

Rob Hughes was scheduled to begin his role as superintendent of both A-P CSD and of Grundy Center Community School District effective July 1, 2019.[6] He resigned in March 2021, becoming a full-time superintendent at Grundy Center.[7]

Travis Fleshner was hired as superintendent in June 2022.[8]


  • Aplington Elementary School - Aplington
  • Parkersburg Elementary School - Parkersburg
  • Aplington–Parkersburg Middle School - Aplington
  • Aplington–Parkersburg High School - Parkersburg

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