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Ao is the Mandarin pinyin and Wade–Giles romanization of the Chinese surname written in Chinese character. It is romanized as Ngo in Cantonese. Ao is listed 375th in the Song dynasty classic text Hundred Family Surnames.[1] As of 2008, it is the 261st most common surname in China, shared by 250,000 people.[2]

Ao (敖)
PronunciationAo (Mandarin)
Ngo (Cantonese)
Language(s)Old Chinese
Other names
Variant form(s)Ngo


Notable peopleEdit


In Chinese mythology, the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas are surnamed Ao:

  • Ao Guang, Dragon King of the East Sea
  • Ao Qin (敖欽), Dragon King of the South Sea
  • Ao Run (敖閏), Dragon King of the West Sea
  • Ao Shun (敖順), Dragon King of the North Sea

See alsoEdit

  • Ou, commonly romanized as Ao in Cantonese


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