Anupama Jain is a writer and teacher based out of Gurgaon, India.[1] She is the founding member of Senior School Moms and a blogger.[2] Anupama is the author of 4 well-received books and 12 anthologies across genres, one of which is a LIMCA record holder as India’s first Composite Novel. She is an acclaimed community builder, mentor, and multi-award-winning blogger who pens on the vagaries of the quirky world across various coveted forums.

Anupama Jain
BornGurgaon, India
Alma materPune University



Anupama holds a MCA degree from Pune University, Pune, India.[3] She lives in Gurgaon with her husband, son and daughter. Anupama also runs classes for children in Gurgaon.



Anupama is a Contributing Author to Chronicles of Urban Nomads.[4] She is the author of the novel, When Padma Bani Paula which was listed as one of five best books, fiction 2018 by[5]

She also contributed to Crossed & Knotted, India’s first Composite Novel, 2016 that entered the LIMCA Book of Records.[6] She also contributed to When They Spoke as well as Mock Stalk & Quarrel[7] – all published by Readomania. In 2018, she contributed to When Women Speak Up an e-book of inspiring stories published by Women’s Web.

She has published multiple stories online, writes on parental forums and has won numerous prizes. She was the Runner-Up, Orange Flower 2017 Humour Award, and among the top 3, in 2016. Anupama was also the Finalist, Orange Flower 2017 Creative Writing Award.[8]

She was listed as one of the 10 Indian women bloggers, a feminist must follow, by Women’s Web in July 2017.[9] She was the winner of the Popular Choice Orange Flower Award for Humour, 2018, awarded by Women's Web. Her book was also listed as one of The Best books of 2018 by Read Write Inspire.

She is A-Z Blogging Challenge 2017, 2016 survivor. Her short story on marital morass was one of the top 14 blogs of 2017 out of the 18,000+ blogs published annually at[10]

She writes a regular piece at – ‘AJ Wants to Know’ a satirical take on the quirky world around.[11]

Anupama is the Founder & Admin of ' SeniorSchoolMoms' which won the Orange Flower Award 2021,[12] for Best Facebook Groups. SeniorSchoolMoms was one of the very few communities invited to join the first-ever WA cohort of Facebook Community Learning Labs for a super-exclusive program. She is also the Head (Content & Collaborations) at Incredible Women Of India.




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