Anton Luckievich

Anton Ivanavich Luckiewich (Belarusian: Антон Іванавіч Луцкевіч, Russian: Анто́н Ива́нович Луцке́вич, Polish: Antoni Łuckiewicz; 1884 – 1942?) was a Belarusian publisher, journalist, literary critic, historian and politician. He served as the Prime Minister of Belarus in 1918.

Anton Luckievich in 1918

He was born on 29 January 1884 in Šiauliai, in the Kovno Governorate (present-day Lithuania) to a Belarusian family. His brother Ivan Luckevich was also a politician. He began working in journalism, such as history, publishing and critics. He was raised as a Roman Catholic.

After the Belarusian People's Republic was proclaimed on 25 March 1918, Luckievich was appointed prime minister.[1] His predecessor was Raman Skirmunt and he was replaced by Vaclau Lastouski.

The Belarusian People's Republic was short-lived. In 1920, Luckievich settled in Vilnius, then in Poland, where he worked as a secondary school teacher and newspaper publisher. He remained active politically until 1933.[1]

He was arrested by the Soviet authorities in September 1939, and officially died in Kazakhstan in 1946.[1] He is however said to have died near Saratov on 23 March 1942.


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