Antolín Monescillo y Viso

Antolín Monescillo y Viso (2 September 1811 – 11 August 1897) was a Spanish prelate of the Catholic Church who became a bishop in 1861 and, after transfers to positions of increasing importance, was made a cardinal in 1884 and served as Archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain from 1892 until his death.

Antolín Monescillo y Viso


Antolín Monescillo y Viso was born on 2 September 1811 in Corral de Calatrava, Ciudad Real, Spain.[1] His family were farmers; his given name Antolín is the Basque form of Anthony. He studied at the Seminary of Toledo, and earned a doctorate in theology.

He was ordained a priest and worked as a journalist, contributing to El Católico and El Pensamiento Español. In 1842 he founded the daily La Cruz.

Pope Pius IX named him bishop of Calahorra y La Calzada on 22 July 1861.[1] He received his episcopal consecration on 6 October 1861 from Cardinal Cirilo de Alameda y Brea, archbishop of Toledo.[citation needed] He was transferred to see of Jaén on 27 March 1865.[1] He attended the First Vatican Council in 1869-1870.

Promoted to the see of Valencia on 22 June 1877.[1][2]

Pope Leo XIII made him a cardinal priest on 10 November 1884;[3] he received his red biretta and the title of Sant'Agostino on 10 June 1886.[4]

He was transferred to the see of Toledo and given the title Patriarch of the West Indies on 11 July 1892,[5][6] the archbishopric that carries the title Primate of Spain.

He died on 11 August 1897 in Toledo.[6]


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