Antoine Roux

Ange-Joseph Antoine Roux, "Antoine Roux" (1765–1835) was a French fine art painter who specialised in maritime painting, sometimes referred to as marine art.

Antoine Roux
Jean-Baptiste de Havre-A.Roux mg 6205.jpg
Antoine Roux, Jean-Baptiste du Havre in Marseille harbour, watercolor, Marseille Naval Museum
Ange-Joseph Antoine Roux

Died1835 (aged 69–70)
Marseille, France
Known forPainting, drawing
MovementMarine art


Roux came from a family of artists and primarily worked in Marseille. Early in life he was apprenticed to his father, Joseph Roux (1752–93), a hydrographer as well as an artist in his own right, spending his leisure hours painting and drawing.[1][2] Antoine died of cholera in Marseille in 1835.[3]

All Antoine's four children followed in his artistic footsteps, with his three sons becoming known for their painting as well: Mathieu-Antoine Roux (1799-1872); François Joseph Frédéric Roux (1805–1870), 'Frédéric', was apprenticed to Horace Vernet; and the third, François Geoffroy Roux (1811–1882), 'François', was appointed in 1876 as an official Peintre de la Marine.[1][3][4]

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