Antoine Bohier Du Prat

Antoine Bohier Du Prat (c. 1460 – 27 November 1519) was a French Roman Catholic bishop and cardinal.


Antoine Bohier Du Prat was born in Issoire, ca. 1460, the son of Austremoine Bohier, baron of Saint-Ciergues, and Anne Du Prat.[1] He was the cousin of Cardinal Antoine Duprat.[1]

He entered the Order of Saint Benedict at Fécamp Abbey.[1] There, he was ordained as a priest.[1] He became a president of the Parlement de Normandie.[1]

He resisted being raised to the episcopate until the queen mother of France, Louise of Savoy, personally entreated him.[1] After he agreed, on 13 November 1514, he was elected Archbishop of Bourges.[1] On 22 November 1514 he was granted permission to wear the Religious habit of a secular archbishop rather than the habit of the Benedictine Order.[1] He was Archbishop of Bourges until his death.[1]

Pope Leo X made him a cardinal priest in the consistory of 1 April 1517.[1] On 27 April 1517, he was granted permission to wear a cardinal's habit instead of the habit of his order.[1] He received the red hat and the titular church of Sant'Anastasia on 25 May 1517.[1]

He died at the court of Francis I of France at Blois on 27 November 1519.[1] He was buried in Bourges Cathedral.[1]