Antisana Ecological Reserve

Antisana Ecological Reserve (Spanish: Reserva Ecológica Antisana) is a protected area in Ecuador situated in the Napo Province, Quijos Canton and Archidona Canton.

Antisana Ecological Reserve
Antisana volcano, the park's namesake
Location Ecuador
Napo Province, Quijos Canton and Archidona Canton
Coordinates0°32′S 78°02′W / 0.54°S 78.03°W / -0.54; -78.03Coordinates: 0°32′S 78°02′W / 0.54°S 78.03°W / -0.54; -78.03
Area120,000 ha
EstablishedJuly 1993

Flora and faunaEdit

The mountain tapir (Tapirus pinchaque) is one of the rare animals found in Antisana Ecological Reserve.

Rare animals and plants found in or near the reserve include:

Other notable flora and fauna of the park are, for example:

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