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Themeda is a genus of plants in the grass family native to Asia, Africa, Australia, and Papuasia. There are about 18[2] to 26[3] species, many of which are native to Southeast Asia.[2][4]

Kangaroo Grass
Themeda triandra - kangaroo grass.jpg
Themeda triandra
Scientific classification

Type species
Themeda triandra
  1. Themeda anathera (Nees ex Steud.) Hack. - Afghanistan, Himalayas, Tibet
  2. Themeda arguens (L.) Hack. - Christmas grass - Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, Papuasia, northern Australia
  3. Themeda arundinacea (Roxb.) A.Camus - Indochina, southern China, Indian Subcontinent, Malaysia, Indonesia
  4. Themeda avenacea (F. Muell.) Maiden & Betche - oat kangaroo grass - Australia
  5. Themeda caudata (Nees ex Hook. & Arn.) A.Camus - Indochina, southern China, Himalayas, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines
  6. Themeda cymbaria Hack. - Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka, Kerala
  7. Themeda gigantea (Cav.) Hack. - Southeast Asia, Papuasia, New Caledonia, Vanuatu
  8. Themeda helferi Hack. - Myanmar, Andaman Islands, Yunnan
  9. Themeda hookeri (Griseb.) A.Camus - Tibet, Yunnan, eastern Himalayas
  10. Themeda huttonensis Bor - Assam
  11. Themeda idjensis Jansen - Java Timur, Bali
  12. Themeda intermedia (Hack.) Bor - Southeast Asia, China, Indian Subcontinent, Papuasia, Queensland, Vanuatu
  13. Themeda laxa (Andersson) A.Camus Indian Subcontinent
  14. Themeda minor L.Liou - Tibet
  15. Themeda mooneyi Bor - Odisha
  16. Themeda novoguineensis (Reeder) Jansen - Papua New Guinea, Lesser Sunda Islands
  17. Themeda pseudotremula Potdar & al - Maharashtra
  18. Themeda quadrivalvis (L.) Kuntze - grader grass Indian Subcontinent, Myanmar, Andaman Islands; naturalized in Socotra, South Africa, eastern Indochina, Papuasia, Queensland, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, various islands (Indian and Pacific Oceans, West Indies)
  19. Themeda sabarimalayana Sreek. & V.J.Nair - India
  20. Themeda saxicola Bor - Odisha
  21. Themeda strigosa (Ham. ex Hook.f.) A.Camus - India, Bangladesh
  22. Themeda tremula (Nees ex Steud.) Hack. - India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh
  23. Themeda triandra Forssk.- kangaroo grass, red grass, rooigras - Africa (from Morocco to KwaZulu-Natal), Asia (from Yemen to Japan to Maluku), Australia, New Guinea
  24. Themeda trichiata S.L.Chen & T.D.Zhuang - Guangxi, Yunnan, Hainan
  25. Themeda unica S.L.Chen & T.D.Zhuang - Anhui, Zhejiang
  26. Themeda villosa (Poir.) A.Camus - silky kangaroo grass, Lyon's grass - China, Indian Subcontinent, Indochina, Philippines, Indonesia, New Guinea
  27. Themeda yunnanensis S.L.Chen & T.D.Zhuang - Yunnan
formerly included[1]

see Elymandra Germainia Hyparrhenia Iseilema