Antennarius is a genus of 11[1] species of fish in the family Antennariidae. These fish spend most of their lives on the bottom in relatively shallow water between 20 and 100 m.[2] They can be found worldwide in tropical and subtropical waters. They are well-camouflaged ambush predators that wait for prey fish to pass by. They have "lures" which they move to attract the prey. They have little economic value other than a minor role in the aquarium trade.[3] Commerson's frogfish was the first species in this genus to be described, in 1798.

Commerson's frogfish (Antennarius commerson) in Waikiki Aquarium.JPG
Commerson's frogfish (A. commerson)
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Lophiiformes
Family: Antennariidae
Subfamily: Antennariinae
Genus: Antennarius
Daudin, 1816
Type species
Antennarius pictus

11, see text.


Image Scientific Name Common Name Distribution
  Antennarius biocellatus G. Cuvier, 1817 Brackish-water frogfish Indonesia, New Guinea, the Solomons, the Philippines and Taiwan.
  Antennarius commerson Lacépède, 1798 Commerson's frogfish Red Sea and South Africa to Panama, north to southern Japan and the Hawaiian Islands, south to the Lord Howe and the Society islands
  Antennarius hispidus Bloch & J. G. Schneider, 1801 Shaggy frogfish East Africa, India, and Malaysia to the Moluccas, north to Taiwan, south to northern Australia.
Antennarius indicus L. P. Schultz, 1964 Indian frogfish East Africa, Gulf of Aden, and Seychelles to southeast India and Sri Lanka, north to the Gulf of Oman.
  Antennarius maculatus Desjardins, 1840 Warty frogfish Maldives and Mauritius to Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.
  Antennarius multiocellatus Valenciennes, 1837 Longlure frogfish Bermuda to the Bahamas, throughout the Caribbean, and along the coast of Central America to Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil as far south as Salvador. Antilles
  Antennarius pardalis Valenciennes, 1837 Leopard frogfish Senegal to Congo
  Antennarius pauciradiatus L. P. Schultz, 1957 Dwarf frogfish Bahamas, off Belize, Colombia, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Antigua, Tortugas and off the Atlantic coast of Florida.
  Antennarius pictus G. Shaw, 1794 Painted frogfish Red Sea and East Africa to the Hawaiian and Society islands.
  Antennarius randalli G. R. Allen, 1970 Randall's frogfish Japan,Taiwan, Philippines, Moluccas, Fiji, Marshall Islands and Easter Island.
  Antennarius striatus G. Shaw, 1794 Striated frogfish African coast, from Senegal to Southwest Africa, with a single record from St. Helena. Off the coast of New Jersey (USA), Bermuda, Bahamas, Gulf of Mexico and throughout the island groups of the Caribbean to the southernmost coast of Brazil. Red Sea and the East African coast to the Society and Hawaiian islands, north to Japan, south to Australia and New Zealand.


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