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Ansen Dibell was the pen name used by Nancy Ann Dibble (September 8, 1942 – March 7, 2006), an American science fiction author, who also published books about fiction writing. Born in Staten Island, New York, she received her Master of Fine Arts degree from the Iowa Writers Workshop and earned a doctorate in 19th-century English literature. She taught literature and creative writing at several colleges and universities until 1980, when she became a freelance editor and author. From 1983 she worked as editor at Writer's Digest Books.

She published a number of stories and poems in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction and received two awards for her poetry. Her novels sublimate events in her life into fiction.



The King of KantmorieEdit

  • Pursuit of the Screamer, DAW Books, June 1978, ISBN 0-87997-386-2
  • Circle, Crescent, Star, DAW Books, February 1981, ISBN 0-87997-603-9
  • Summerfair, DAW Books, July 1982, ISBN 0-87997-759-0
    • Zomermarkt, Dutch edition (M=SF)
  • Tidestorm Limit, 1983, (published in Dutch and French translations only)
    • Stormvloedgrens, Dutch edition (M=SF)
    • Aux confins de l'ouragan, French edition
  • The Sun of Return, 1985 (published in Dutch and French translations only)
    • Gift van de Shai, Dutch edition (M=SF)
    • Le soleil du grand retour, French edition


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