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Ansar ul Islam is a militant Islamist group active in Burkina Faso and in Mali. Ansar ul Islam is the Ansar Dine branch in Burkina Faso.[citation needed]

Ansar ul Islam
Participant in Insurgency in the Maghreb (2002–present) and the Global War on Terrorism
The black flag variant used by AQIM
ActiveDecember 2016 (2016)–present[1]
IdeologySalafist Jihadism
LeadersIbrahim Malam Dicko (2016-2017)
Abdoul Salam Dicko (2017-Present)[2]
AlliesJama'at Nasr al-Islam wal Muslimin[1]
Opponent(s)State opponents


The group announced its existence in December 2016 in a statement claiming responsibility for an attack in Nassoumbou.[3] the attack on two police stations in Tongomayel and Baraboulé in February 2017[4] and the attack at a village in Soum in March 2017.[5]


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