Annibale di Ceccano

Annibale Gaetani di Ceccano[1] (c. 1282 – 1350) was an Italian Cardinal.[2] His palace, the Livrée Ceccano at Avignon, begun in about 1335/1340, still survives;[3] it is now a public library.

He was Archbishop of Naples from 1326 to 1328 and undertook diplomatic missions, for example setting up the 1343 truce between England and France.[4][5] He was Bishop of Frascati from 1332 to 1350.[6] He was archpriest of Saint Peter's Basilica (1342-1350), as well as Archdeacon of Cornwall from 1342 to 1344, and Archdeacon of Nottingham from 1331 to 1348.

He is celebrated for the luxury of a feast he gave in 1343 for Pope Clement VI, an eye-witness account of which has survived.[7]


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