Annerys Vargas

Annerys Victoria Vargas Valdez (born August 7, 1981) is a retired female volleyball player from the Dominican Republic, who won four consecutive gold medals at the Central American and Caribbean Games.[1][2][3]

Annerys Vargas
Annerys Vargas.jpg
Personal information
Full nameAnnerys Victoria Vargas Valdez
NationalityDominican Republic
Born (1981-08-07) August 7, 1981 (age 41)
Santo Domingo
HometownSanto Domingo
Height1.96 m (6 ft 5 in)
Weight70 kg (154 lb)
Spike327 cm (129 in)
Block320 cm (130 in)
Volleyball information
PositionMiddle Blocker
National team
1998-2021Dominican Republic
Last updated: May 2022



She won gold medal with the women's national team at the 2003 Pan American Games in her home town Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.[4] There she was awarded best server and blocker.[5] Later that year, she won the Best Blocker and bronze medal at the 2003 NORCECA Championship.[6][7]


She plays as a middle-blocker and competed at the 2004 Summer Olympics for her native country which finished in 11th place.[8][9][10]

Playing with the Dominican club Los Cachorros, she finished the 2004 season of the Superior Tournament as the First Runner-Up, after losing to Mirador the final series.[11]


Joined the Puerto Rican professional team Vaqueras de Bayamón from the LVSF for the 2005 season. Being selected among the "Offensive Team".[12]


In her second season with the Bayamón team, Annerys won the "Best Blocker" and "All-Star"[13] for the 2006 season.[14] While playing a game Puerto Rico, where she was such an idol, she lost a shoe and a fan jumped to the court and picked it up, she had to finish the game with just one shoe.[15]

At the volleyball tournament during the 2006 Central American and Caribbean Games, she won the "Most Valuable Player", "Best Blocker" and "Best Server" awards and with her team the gold medal.[1][16] After a successful 2006 season, she won the Dominican Republic "Volleyball Athlete of the Year" award.[17]


Playing with the Spanish team Grupo 2002 Murcia, win the Supercup, Queen Cup[18] and Spanish Superliga.[19][20] After winning the Superliga, she celebrated with her team taking a bath at the Murcia's Plaza Circular.[21] The same season she won the 2007 CEV Top Teams Cup.[22]


She participated at the 2008 FIVB Women's World Olympic Qualification Tournament, and her team finished in 4th place failing to qualify to the 2008 Summer Olympics. She was selected tournament's "Best Blocker".[23]

Won the 2008 CEV Challenge Cup with Vakifbank Gunes Sigorta Stambuł and was awarded "Best Blocker".[24]


Vargas Valdez played with Criollas de Caguas from the Puerto Rican LVSF for the 2009 season,[25][26] helping her team to reach the quarterfinals.[27]

After winning with her team the gold medal at the 2009 NORCECA Championship[28] qualifying for the very first time to the 2009 World Grand Champions Cup[29] where her team won the bronze medal.[30]

For the 2009/2010 she played for the club Usiminas/Minas, from the Superliga Brasileira de Voleibol.[31][32]


She finished the 2009/2010 season of the Brazilian Superliga as the 4th best blocker.[33]

With her National Team, she won the gold medal at the 2010 Pan-American Cup held in Rosarito and Tijuana, Mexico.[34]

In Mayagüez, Puerto Rico she were the recipient of the "Best Blocker" award[35] during the volleyball tournament at the 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games won by her home team.[2]

Joined the Dominican Republic club Mirador, to play at the 2010 FIVB World Club Championship, there her team finished in 4th place[36] after being defeated by Bergamo for the Bronze medal.[37] Vargas won the "Best Blocker" award.[38]


Vargas was selected 2017 Volleyball Player of the Year by her National Federation.[39][40]

She played the 2018 season at Dominican Republic Superior Volleyball League from the National District, joining the team Caribeñas VC. She became league champion and was awarded Best Blocker.[41][42] During the 2019 season, she helped Caribeñas VC to win the league second place.[43]

For the 2021/22 season, she joined the Republic of China's Enterprise Volleyball League team CMFC Volleyball, losing the first three weekends for quarantine due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in Taiwan.[44] She led her team to qualify to the league's playoff, but they lost 0-3 to Taipei King Whale in the knockout round and could not make it to the semifinals, ranking in fourth place.[45]

Valdez announced her retirement on May 5, 2022, sending a letter to the Female National Teams director, Cristobal Marte, ending a 25 years career, starting in 1998 and having played three Olympic Games, five World Championships, five World Cups, five Pan American Games and five Central American and Caribbean Games.[46]






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