Anne of Austria, Landgravine of Thuringia

Anne of Bohemia and Austria (12 April 1432 – 13 November 1462) was a Duchess of Luxembourg in her own right and, as a consort, Landgravine of Thuringia and of Saxony.

Anne of Bohemia and Austria
Anna Austria.jpg
Anne of Austria by Anton Boys
Born(1432-04-12)12 April 1432
Died13 November 1462(1462-11-13) (aged 30)
Noble familyHouse of Habsburg
Spouse(s)William III, Duke of Luxemburg
FatherAlbert II of Germany
MotherElisabeth of Luxembourg

She was the eldest daughter of Albert of Austria, the future Emperor-Elect and Elisabeth, queen of Bohemia, the sole descendant of Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor.

Her posthumous brother Ladislaus, Duke of Austria (1440–57) succeeded, very underage, as king of Bohemia and later also as king of Hungary. Anne also had a younger sister, Elisabeth, who was to become later a queen of Poland and grand duchess of Lithuania.

On 2 June 1446 the young Anne was married to William "the Brave" of Saxony (1425–82), Landgrave of Thuringia, a younger son of Frederick I "the Warlike" of Saxony.

In right of Anne, William became Duke of Luxembourg from 1457 when Anne's brother Ladislaus died childless. Though, their rights to the land were disputed by Philip III, Duke of Burgundy, and in 1469, William concluded that the possession's keeping was untenable against Burgundian attacks, and retreated to his Thuringian lands – that however took place when Anne was already dead.

They had two surviving daughters:



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