Anne Commire

Anne Commire (11 August 1939 – 23 February 2012) was an American playwright and editor who frequently wrote about women's issues and struggles.[1] Her first play, Shay, about a young pregnant high school dropout, was noted by the New York Times for having "sharp comic dialogue" despite the weighty subject matter.[2]

Commire received the Eugene O'Neill Theater Award four times between 1973 and 1988.[3] She wrote the teleplay Rebel for God for CBS, and also has written for Dick Cavett, and Washington D.C.’s Spread Eagle Review, and Mariette Hartley’s one-woman show.[4] She and Hartley co-wrote Breaking the Silence which was Harley's memoir about her difficult early years and how Hartley would no longer be keeping the secrets of her earlier difficult life.[1][5]

Commire was born in Wyandotte, Michigan and received a bachelor's degree in 1961 from Eastern Michigan University.[1] She initially worked as a teacher and an editor for reference books for Gale Group. She later edited the sixteen-volume Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia which received the Dartmouth Medal for outstanding reference work in 2002.[1]

Commire died of cancer in 2012 and her papers are held by the University of Southern Mississippi.[6][7]



  • Shay
  • Put Them All Together. Premiered at the Coronet Theatre, 1982.
  • The Melody Sisters
  • Starting Monday
  • The NOW Show


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