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The Annan Committee on the future of broadcasting was established in April 1974 to discuss the United Kingdom broadcasting industry, including new technologies and their funding, the role and funding of the BBC, Independent Broadcasting Authority and programme standards.

In February 1977 the committee recommended:[1]

  • Changes to BBC funding by Licence Fee
  • Fourth, independent, television channel
  • Long-term restructure and diversification of broadcasting
  • Establishment of Broadcasting Complaints Commission
  • Privatisation of local radio
  • Independence from direct political control
  • Increase in independent production


  • Increased licence fee
  • Channel 4 (implemented in 1980)
  • Channel 4 being of a more "open" nature rather than one of balance such as the BBC



  1. ^ Annan Committee (1977). Report of the Committee on the Future of Broadcasting. HMSO.