Anna Rezan (Greek: Άννα Ρεζάν; born Anna Hannah Rezan Kritseli, Greek: Άννα Χάνα Ρεζαν Κριτσέλη; 12 December 1992) is a Greek American actress, model, musician, and filmmaker. Rezan began her career in her early teens by appearing in Greek films and television series, most notably co-starring in the 2008 TV drama Farewell Anatolia and starring in the 2010 comedy film ShowBitch that premiered at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival.[2]

Anna Rezan
Rezan in Ever Been to the Moon 2015.jpg
Rezan in 2015
Anna Hannah Rezan Kritseli

(1992-12-12) 12 December 1992 (age 29)[1]
Athens, Greece
OccupationActress, musician, fashion model
Years active2003–present

Her first international feature film role was in La Commedia di Amos Poe, a new translation of Dante's Divine Comedy by Amos Poe starring Roberto Benigni that premiered in the 2010 Venice Film Festival.[3][4] She made her catwalk debut as a high fashion model in New York Fashion Week in 2014.[5] Her debut song, "Let There Be Rain" was released internationally in 2011. And in 2016, her song "Let there be Love" was released internationally by Universal Music Group.[6][7] In 2017, she co-starred in Dance Fight Love Die with Mikis Theodorakis and On the Road by Asteris Koutoulas that premiered at the Hof International Film Festival.[8] Rezan's directorial debut, My People, is a historical feature documentary film, produced by her and two Academy Award winners, Mitchell Block and Kim Magnusson, completed in 2022.[9][10]

Early lifeEdit

Rezan was born in Athens, Greece and is the daughter of Fotis, from Izmir, Crete and Peloponnesus, a federal judge who had wanted to be a director, and Eva Matilda Kalamara, a Greek-Jewish attorney of Spanish and Polish descent from Volos. Kalamara also studied at Karolos Koun school of Dramatic Arts before going to law school. Rezan has a brother named Leon. Rezan's great-grandmother Rachel Kalamara was arrested by Germans during World War II and did not return from the Auschwitz concentration camp. She is related to Constantine P Cavafy via her father's side.[11]

She started performing musical theater and comedy shows at five years old, an early sign of love for the arts. She later studied musical theater and performed in Stagecoach productions. After watching the comedy and Greek musical films of the 60s, she decided to become an actress.[12] She later decided to move to the United States to further pursue her career.[citation needed]

She co-starred in a theatrical show performing Oops I did it again during a family summer vacation at 11 years old. Her career was launched a year later, when she starred in The Hall of Fame of the Moon, produced by the Ministry of Culture of Cyprus. The play aimed to raise awareness of the political situation in Cyprus and premiered in the Greek National Opera, in Athens, in the presence of the Minister of Education of Greece.[13]


Early careerEdit

In 2005, Rezan made her first professional appearances on Greek television in the Greek adaptation of The Nanny. She appeared as a minor dancer in various Greek feature films and TV series such as Woman is a Tough Person, a comedy by Antonis Kafetzopoulos, and Loufa kai Paralagi, a television series by the Greek veteran director Nikos Perakis. In 2008, she worked as the production runner of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.[12] In July of the same year, Rezan performed at the DJ set of Armin van Buuren in Cavo Paradiso on the Island of Mykonos.[14] She represented Greece as Miss Young at the beauty pageant Miss European Union at the Pallazo di Congressi in Rome, Italy. Seeking financial freedom as a teenager, she also worked as a waitress, a promotional model, and a bartender. Additionally, she was also choreographing other minors in Disney commercials in Greece, on occasion.

2008 to 2010Edit

In 2008, Rezan appeared in the comedy Greek TV series The Red Room as Svetlana, in which she performed in Russian. Her noteworthy appearance of the year though, was portraying Artemitsa in Farewell Anatolia, the TV adaptation of Dido Soteriou's bestseller by Greek director Kostas Koutsomutis. During the summer, she starred in the world tour of the rock opera 300 Spartans.[15] In 2009, after spending some time in London, Rezan moved to New York City. She landed a part in the Indie film Daft Queens and took classes at New York Film Academy.[16] At the end 2009, she enrolled in the Panteion University of Athens to study journalism and co-starred as Babe, the underaged girlfriend in Fokion Bogris gangster feature film Katharsi, which released at the end of that year to mixed reviews. Concurrently she was working as a model, a restaurant hostess or a bartender to be able to pursue her career further. She also guest-starred in the comedy TV series Lola in her native, Greece.[17] During that summer, Rezan moved to Los Angeles and took some more acting classes at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. In the same year, she co-produced and co-starred in "Love at First Sight", a romantic comedy short film by Patricia di Salvo, which was selected at the 2010 Cannes film festival.

2010 to 2014Edit

Since she was a child, she loved to change her style, hair color, look and artistic direction to create and develop different personas, depending on the project she is working on, such as Anna, Anna The Kid, LadyLight, ARK and Anna Rezan. She co-starred in La Commedia di Amos Poe with Roberto Benigni, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival, in the same year. In October 2010, she starred in Nikos Zervos's (Greek veteran filmmaker) parody of show business, ShowBitch, portraying a teenage rock singer who turns into a Rockstar. The film premiered at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival to mixed reviews. She also made a guest appearance on the Greek TV series I zoi tis allis.[14] In 2011, she debuted as a vocalist with the European release of "Let There Be Rain" and co-produced the music video in Brooklyn, New York City.[18] The song aired for the first time in the U.S. market during her interview on the CBS radio show Zodiac Divas by Colby Jensen.[19] In 2012, Rezan starred and co-produced The Story of My Life, a comedy film by Dimitris Koukas and Dimitris Nakos in Athens, Greece. She portrayed a dancer in (Italian director) Paolo Genovese's comedy Immature: Il Viaggio.[13] In March 2013, she guest-starred in Constantinos Isaias's public service announcement "We Love Cyprus"[20] that took place in Los Angeles[21] and began to be featured in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Esquire.[13]

Rezan walking the runway at NYFW

In 2014, Rezan reunited with Paolo Genoveze in Milan, Italy, for Ever Been to the Moon? as fashion industry's It Girl. The film was made a box office success and was acquired by Netflix .

2015 to presentEdit

In April 2015, she started filming Dance Fight Love Die - With Mikis on the Road in Athens. The film is the work of Asteris Koutoulas[22][23] and includes footage of his world tours with Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis.[8][22] In October 2015 she reunited with Amos Poe.[24] Along with Ali Ozan Akin, they filmed a public service announcement to raise awareness for breast cancer. The film features Rezan's performance in "Happiness Is a Warm Gun" by the Beatles.[25][22] In January 2016, Rezan hosted the awards ceremony of Hellas Film Box[26][27] in Berlin, Germany.[28] In 2016 her song "Let there be Love" and in 2017 "My Summer Night", a duet with Barbara Sassari was released internationally by Universal Music Group.[29] Same year Dance Fight Love Die - With Mikis on the Road premiered in Hof International Film Festival to rave reviews. The film opened in theaters in 2018 and Rezan 's performance was praised by Mikis Theodorakis and George Dalaras.[30] In 2019 the film was acquired by Amazon. In 2017 Rezan portrayed supermodel character Kate in Victoria Larimore's TV project Open House that is set in New York but is filmed in Los Angeles.

In April 2019, Rezan directed an English comedy fiction short film, title Beauty before Age, produced by her and veteran producer, Jason Piette which is set be released in 2022. [31] In 2021 Rezan began the production of The Re Education Camp, a short documentary that deals with the camp of Makronisos. Rezan's directorial debut, My People, is an unconventional feature documentary about the Jews of Greece during WW2 produced by her, Greek filmmaker Zafeiris Haitidis, Mitchell Block and Kim Magnusson that was completed in 2022.[9][10][32] The film premiered in Los Angeles in May 2022 to rave reviews [33]

Music careerEdit

Rezan began writing lyrics at the age of 9, performed on stage in musicals, took electric guitar lessons at 15, and became a professional singer in 2010 when she portrayed Chryssa, the lead singer of a rock band in the comedy film ShowBitch. Rezan released the heavy metal track "Let there be Rain" with an accompanying music video that she co-produced as the OST of the film.Nick Rollinger produced the track in Luxembourg at the Equinox Studios. The music video was initially directed by Aksel Stasny in New York City but featured scenes from the film.The song first aired in the United States on CBS radio. In 2015, she led "Happiness is a Warm Gun", a public service announcement film which was directed by Amos Poe in New York City. In the project she performs a cover version of the Beatles's "Happiness is a warm gun". In 2016 she signed with Minos EMI and Universal Music Group and co-wrote "Let there be Love", a rock with epic elements project, internationally.[34] In 2017, "My Summer Night." a Latin pop ballad duet that she co-wrote, was released by Universal Music Group. She and Asteris Koutoulas met in 2014 and have since worked together on several ventures. In 2017 a satellite clip featuring her performance of "The Honeymoon Song" by Mikis Theodorakis in the style of the Beatles, accompanied the pre-release of the film Dance Fight Love Die: With Mikis Theodorakis on the Road. In the film that opened in theaters in 2018 she performs two songs by Theodorakis: "Day in May" and "The Bells will ring" in Greek, English and German. In 2020 she co-wrote the first song she released in her native Greece, and covered an emblematic Greek 1970s folk song to rave reviews.[8]

Activities and personal lifeEdit


Rezan studied Journalism at the Panteion University of Athens and holds a BA in communication, Media and Culture.[35] As a teenage journalist, indie magazines featured her articles on love, therapy, films and musicians such as David Bowie, Nick Cave and The Cure.[16] In March 2011, "love brings love" and it "love is the greatest power of all" became one of her trademark lines.[34] In 2013 Rezan promoted the right to equal opportunities in education for girls when she walked the runway as a special guest at the fourth J'adore la mode Gala charity fashion show in Philadelphia.[36] From 2012 until the present, she has been a patron of MMA, an organization dedicated to ending the stigma of addictions.[37][24] In 2015 she released a PSA, directed by Amos Poe that features her "Happiness Is a Warm Gun" performance to raise awareness for breast cancer. In February 2020, Rezan held a lecture, as a guest Professor, at the Athens School of Fine Arts, titled Beauty...shall reunite with Art.[38] In the same year, she gave a speech to support the International Medical Brigade of Henry Reeve [39] as Velissarios Kossivakis, along with the Cuban ambassador in Greece, began a petition to nominate Cuban doctors of Cuban medical internationalism for a Nobel peace prize at the official ceremony of the initiative in Athens, Greece.[40]

Rezan at Cuban Embassy in Athens (2020)

Personal lifeEdit

Rezan's father died in August 2007.[41]

In 2020, she overcame on and off depression, panic attacks, and anxiety by exploring and committing to different forms of therapy for many years. Rezan has not shared details, but she implied that her early life was uneasy, not joyful, with many traumatic events until 2019. She openly speaks about the process of self-healing, believing that it can urge other people to open up and seek therapy to improve their lives.[42] She is also a reiki therapist.[41]

Rezan has been sincerely private about her personal life, which her peers admire. She could have revealed specific personal life details during her first steps in the industry to advance her career and cover the tabloids, but chose not to.[43]

As a teenager, she dated Greek performer Panos Mouzourakis.[44] While studying in New York City, she dated The Durrells actor Alexis Georgoulis.[45] During the filming of ShowBitch rumors spread, that she was more than an on-screen couple with her Co star, Survivor Greece contestant, Nassos Papargyropoulos.[46] During the summer of 2011, she was seen holding hands with Greek actor Panagiotis Bougiouris in Peloponnese.[47][43] Rumors had it that she and Alexander Payne were an item,[48] but she stated that he is a friend that she admires.[49] She was in a relationship with Mitch Kuntz, the bass player and creator of the heavy metal band Godiva. In 2015, she dated the Neighbours star Carter Doyle after meeting at the Cannes Film Festival.

Rezan has repeatedly said that she is more of a love at first sight kind of person, stating that: I date or I'm with a man, when I'm in love with him.[41]



Year Film Role Notes
2022 My People Producer, Director, Narrator Feature Documentary
2022 The Re Education Camp Producer, Co Writer Short Documentary
2022 Beauty Before Age Producer, Director, Tina Guest Star
2021 Naptorun Pansiyon Katrin Co Star
2020 Celebrating Life Producer, Director, Singer Lead (Music Film Video)
2020 Like a Summer Night Producer, Director,Mermaid Lead (Music Film Video)
2018 Dance Fight Love Die: With Mikis on the road Anna Co Star
2016 Let There Be Love LadyLight Lead, Performer (Short)
2015 Happiness is a Warm Gun:Healthy Breasts The Boy, The Girl Lead
2015 Ever Been to the Moon? Cinzia Special Guest
2013 We Love Cyprus Herself:Anna Rezan Co Star
2012 The Story of my life It Girl Co Star
2012 Immatturi Il Viaggio The Dancer Guest Star
2010 ShowBitch Chrysa, Lead Singer Lead
2010 La commedia di Amos Poe Sofia Co Star
2010 Love at first sight? Sasha, Co Producer Co Star
2009 Katharsi Babe Special Guest
2008 The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 Student/Production Assistant
2006 Eduart Girl
2005 Woman is a Tough Person Young Clubber

TV seriesEdit

Year TV Series Role Notes
2020 Emily in Paris Herself Guest Star
2017 Open House Kate Mosscowitz
2015 The Good Wife Young Lawyer
2010 I zoi tis allis Sonia
2009 Athina
2009 Lola Nadia
2008 The Red Room Svetlana
2008 Dady's Girls Supermodel
2008 Matomena Homata Artemitsa
2008 Ihni Agni
2007 Yungermann Zizi
2007 Loufa kai Paralagi:I seira Girl (Dancer)
2007 Eythismenoi Mazi Suzanna
2005 The Nanny Greek adaptation Ballet Dancer


year title role
2021 Peace (play) (Theatron of the Americas) [50] Hermes Guest Star
2020 Cuban Embassy (GR, Event) Che Guevara Guest Star
2017 Hellas FilmBox Berlin Guest Host (Comedian)
2016 Hellas FilmBox Berlin Host (Comedian)
2009 The 300 Spartans on Stage (The Rock Opera) Aphrodite
2008 Present Art Festival Host (Teens)
2007 Assemblywomen Young Girl
2003 The Hall of fame of the moon Queen Night



Title Year Label
"Celebrating Life" Duet Ft Barbara Sassari 2020 Universal Music Group Minos EMI
"Like a Summer Night" Duet Ft Barbara Sassari 2020 Universal Music Group Minos EMI
"My Summer Night" Duet Ft Barbara Sassari 2017 Universal Music Group Minos EMI
"Let There Be Love" 2016 Universal Music Group Minos EMI
"Let There Be Rain" 2011 Equinox Studios Luxemburg

Other appearancesEdit

Title Year Project
"Everything I Say to You"( Oti Sou Leo ) 2022 Music Video Guest Appearance as Chloe song by Vassilis Dimas


"The Bells Will Signal" 2018 Dance Fight Love Die: With Mikis Theodorakis On the Road Film by Asteris Koutoulas
"The Honeymoon Song" (The Beatles cover version) 2017 Dance Fight Love Die: With Mikis Theodorakis On the Road Film by Asteris Koutoulas
"Happiness is a Warm Gun" 2015 Happiness is a Warm Gun PSA by Amos Poe
"Let There Be Rain" 2010 ShowBitch Film Original Soundtrack (Live Performance)

Music videosEdit

List of music videos, showing director
Title Year Director Artist Notes
"Celebrate Life" 2020 Anna Rezan Duet Feat Barbara Sassari Universal Music Group
"Like a Summer Night" 2020 Anna Rezan Duet Feat Barbara Sassari Universal Music Group
"The Honeymoon Song" 2018 Asteris Koutoulas Mikis Theodorakis ft Anna Rezan Film OST
"My Summer Night" 2017 Christos Daskalothanasis LadyLight, Herself Minos EMI Feat Barbara Sassari Universal Music Group
"Let There Be Love" 2016 Antreas Stavrinides LadyLight, Herself Universal Music Group
"Let There Be Rain" 2011 Aksel Stasny Anna The Kid, Herself


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