Ann Clarke (immunologist)

Ann G. Clarke (née Jewkes) is a British immunologist and co-founder of the Frozen Ark project.[1]


Clarke's research focused on the immunological relationship between mouse mothers and embryos. For six years she was an Inspector for the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority.[1]

She and her husband Bryan Clarke made several scientific expeditions to French Polynesia, where they realised that the partula snail was facing rapid extinction after the introduction of a predator as a biological control for a different species. Inspired by this, they and Anne McLaren (1927-2007) founded the Frozen Ark project to preserve the DNA of species threatened with extinction. As of 2017 the project held some 48,000 frozen samples from 5,500 species.[2]

In 2017 Clarke was the subject of an episode of BBC Radio 4's The Life Scientific.[2]

Selected publicationsEdit

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Personal lifeEdit

Ann Jewkes married Professor Bryan Clarke (1932-2014) in 1960. They had a daughter and a son.[3]


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