Ann Buckley

Ann Buckley is an Irish musicologist, born in Dublin.

Buckley studied at University College Cork (B.Mus., 1971; M.A. 1972), Doctoraal (University of Amsterdam, 1976) and a Ph.D. (University of Cambridge, 1991). She has held academic positions in Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Romania, including visiting professorships at the University of Paris IV–Sorbonne (2001–3) and at the European Union International Intensive Programme in Irish Studies at the Catholic University of Leuven and the University of Lille, 2000–3). She was Research Scholar at Corpus Christi College Cambridge (1983–9) and subsequently a Research Fellow (1989–92) and Research Associate (1992–5) at Darwin College, Cambridge. Between 2003 and 2008 she was an IRCHSS Government of Ireland Research Fellow at Maynooth University. She is now a Research Associate at the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Trinity College, Dublin.[1]


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In progressEdit

  • 'Nobilitate vigens Furseus': The Medieval Office of St Fursey, Norwich (in press).


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