For the mountain of Morocco see Mount Amchad.
not to be confused with Anmchad mac Con Cherca (died 760s)

Anmchad (or Amchad) (died 1058) was an 11th-century Irish monk. Little is known about him, except that the Annals of Inisfallen mention that he was known as the "anchorite of God" and was buried on the island of Inis Uasal (Noble Island) on Lough Currane in 1058.[1][2] He was from Longford, and served as a monk in the Iniskeltra monastery, located in Lough Ree. In 1043 AD, after being ordered to undergo a pilgrimage for a small disobedience, he became a monk at an Irish monastery in Fulda, Germany.[3]

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