The Ankobra River is situated in southwest Ghana. Starting north east of Wiawso, it flows about 190 kilometres (120 mi) south to the Gulf of Guinea, and enters the ocean about 60 km to the west of the city of Takoradi.[1] Near its mouth are the remains of Fort Elize Carthago, a Dutch trading post abandoned in 1711.

Ankobra River
The estuary of Ankobra River
Physical characteristics
MouthGulf of Guinea
 • location
Atlantic Ocean
 • coordinates
4°53′55″N 2°16′17″W / 4.89861°N 2.27139°W / 4.89861; -2.27139
Basin size1,900 km2 (730 sq mi)
 • locationMouth

The Ankobra River is fed by the Nini River. Small ships can navigate 80 kilometres (40 nmi; 50 mi) inland, whilst the upper reaches contain rapids. Several hydro electric schemes have been proposed for the upper reaches.[1]

In 2003, mercury and arsenic were reported in the gold mining area of the Ankobra River Basin.[2][3]

The course of Ankobra River
Looking north from the southern end of the Ankobra River
Fishing boats at Ankobra River
Fishing boats at the estuary of Ankobra River


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