Ankhesenpepi III

Ankhesenpepi III was an ancient Egyptian queen of the Sixth Dynasty as a consort of Pepi II, who was probably her uncle. She was a daughter of Merenre Nemtyemsaf I and was named after her grandmother, Ankhesenpepi I.[1]

Ankhesenpepi III
Resting placePyramid in Saqqara
OccupationQueen of Egypt
SpousePepi II
ParentNemtyemsaf I
Era: Old Kingdom
(2686–2181 BC)
Egyptian hieroglyphs

Her titles included: King’s Wife (hmt-niswt), King’s Daughter (z3t-niswt).[1]

Ankhesenpepi III was buried in a pyramid near that of her grandfather Pepi I. The main part of her sarcophagus was made of sandstone and embedded in the floor of the burial chamber. The lid of the sarcophagus was made of pink granite.[2]


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