Ankeny Square

Ankeny Square is part of the North Park Blocks in Portland, Oregon. The square is south of Burnside.

Ankeny Square
Ankeny Square is located in Portland, Oregon
Ankeny Square
LocationPortland, Oregon, U.S.
Coordinates45°31′22″N 122°40′43″W / 45.52278°N 122.67861°W / 45.52278; -122.67861Coordinates: 45°31′22″N 122°40′43″W / 45.52278°N 122.67861°W / 45.52278; -122.67861


In 2014, the square was home to a food car pod called "Grubbin'". The pod emerged from plans by Portland Parks & Recreation (PPR) to revitalize the square.[1][2] In 2016, Amanda Waldroupe of Street Roots said the park, "for decades, has had a seedy reputation and attracted drug use, loitering and vandalism, as it fell into neglect and disrepair".[3] PPR also announced plans to start accepting business proposals,[4][5] and proposals for community projects.[3]


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