Ankara Eyalet

The Eyalet of Ankara or Angora, also known as the Eyalet of Bosok[1] or Bozok[2] (Ottoman Turkish: ایالت آنقره; Eyālet-i Ānḳara)[3] was an eyalet of the Ottoman Empire.

Eyālet-i Ānqarâ
Eyalet of the Ottoman Empire
Ankara Eyalet, Ottoman Anatolia, 1861.png
The Ankara Eyalet in 1861
Capitalİnitially Yozgat, then Ankara[1]
 • Coordinates39°40′06″N 33°29′09″E / 39.6684°N 33.4858°E / 39.6684; 33.4858Coordinates: 39°40′06″N 33°29′09″E / 39.6684°N 33.4858°E / 39.6684; 33.4858
• Established
• Disestablished
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Anatolia Eyalet
Ankara Vilayet
Today part ofTurkey

Administrative divisionsEdit

Sanjaks of the Eyalet in the mid-19th century:[4]

  1. Sanjak of Kaisarieh (Cesarea)
  2. Sanjak of Bozok (Yozgat)[2]
  3. Sanjak of Angora (Ankara)
  4. Sanjak of Kiangri (Cangara)


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