Anjan Choudhury

Anjan Choudhury (25 November 1944 – 21 February 2007) was an Indian film director, writer, and screenplay writer who worked in the Bengali cinema of West Bengal. He was survived by his wife Jaysree Choudhury and two daughters and son. His two daughters, namely Chumki Chowdhury (elder) and Rina Choudhury, and his elder son in law Sajal. His son Sandip Choudhury is a T.V serial and film director. His daughter in law Bidisha Choudhury is also a film actress.[1][2][3]

Anjan Choudhury
Born(1944-11-25)25 November 1944
Died(2007-02-21)21 February 2007
OccupationFilm director, screenplay writer
Spouse(s)Jaysree Choudhury



  • Kalakar Awards[4]


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