Anita Gradin

Anita Gradin (born 12 August 1933) is a Swedish politician and former Ambassador. She was the Minister with responsibility for immigrant and equality affairs at the Ministry of Labour in Sweden from 1982 to 1986. She was Minister with responsibility for foreign trade at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1986 to 1991. From 1995 to 1999 she was a member of the European Commission responsible for Immigration, home affairs and justice; relations with the Ombudsman; Financial Control and Fraud prevention.[1]

Anita Gradin
Born12 August 1933 Edit this on Wikidata (age 87)
OccupationPolitician, journalist Edit this on Wikidata
Position heldSubstitute member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (1973–1982), Representative of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (1982–1982), member of Parliament (1971–1974), member of Parliament (1974–1976), member of Parliament (1976–1979), member of Parliament (1979–1982), member of Parliament (1982–1985), member of Parliament (1985–1987), member of Parliament (1988–1988), member of Parliament (1991–1992) Edit this on Wikidata

Anita Gradin was President of Socialists International Women and worked against the Trafficking of Women.


Gradin is the daughter of the paper worker Ossian Gradin (1910-1986) and Alfhild Gradin (1913-1984), born Englund. She is married to Lieutenant Lieutenant Bertil Kersfelt. [1] Gradin graduated in 1950, studied at the Swedish School of 1953, at the 1954 British School of Economics, at the Nordic Folk High School in Geneva in 1958, and became a socialist in Stockholm in 1960. She was a journalist at the Västerbotten Folkblad 1950–52, employed by the Swedish Forestry and Flea Workers' Union 1952 -55, journalist at Arbetarbladet in Gävle 1955-58 and at the TCO magazine 1960–63. Gradin was employed by the Social Affairs Planning Committee in Stockholm as secretary of the City College's Women's Affairs Committee, 1963–67, Secretary of State at the 1963 Council of Ministers, Member of the School Board's Educational Board 1971–81, by the International Health and Social Affairs Committee 1972–78, Chairman of the Board of International Adoption Issues 1973-79 and Member of the 1982 Experts Group on Immigration Research. Gradin was a member of the 1974 1974-1975 Vacation Committee, of the 1974-1977 Research Education Survey, by the Delegation for Gender Equality 1975–1976, by the 1978-81 Research Co-operation Committee and by the 1980-80 Abortion Committee. She was a specialist in the hotel and restaurant survey 1974–78, 1975-77 business committee 1975–77, chairman of Sweden's social association 1976–81, and board member of Stockholm's workers' municipality 1968–82. She was chairman of the Stockholm City Social Democratic Women's District 1968-82 and Vice Chairman of the Women's Association from 1975. Gradin was a member of the City Council in Stockholm in 1966-68 as well as a member of the Danish People's Welfare Board / Dental Committee 1966–76. Anita Gradin was appointed honorary citizen in his hometown of Umeå in 1997.


Member of the Riksdag (in the second chamber of Stockholm city 1969-70) 1969-1992 Deputy member of the 1969-70 Committees Deputy member of the Justice Committee 1971-82 Member of the Education Committee 1971-76 Member of the Finance Committee 1976-82 Alternate member of the Council of Europe's Swedish delegation 1973-80 and member 1981-82 State Council 8 October 1982 – 1991 Ministry of Labor (Minister for Immigration and Equal Opportunities) 1982-1986 Minister for Foreign Trade 1986-1991 Member of the Riksdag, Vice Chairman of the Committee on Nutrition 1991-1992 Ambassador to Vienna 1992-1994 Member of the European Commission 1995-1999 Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Sweden-Israel

EU CommissionerEdit

When Sweden joined the European Union in 1995, Gradin was appointed Sweden's first member of the European Commission, under its chairman, Jacques Santer. She was responsible for immigration, justice and home affairs, relations with the European Ombudsman, economic governance and control and anti-fraud. She ended up in focus since the anti-fraud campaign was found to be underwent and several Commissioners, in particular, Édith Cresson, were accused of corruption. In March 1999, the entire Santer Commission was forced to resign and be replaced by an interim commission led by Manuel Marín. Gradin was also included in the Marín Commission and finally resigned in November 1999 when the Prodi Commission took office. During his time in the EU Commission, Gradin contributed, among other things, to legislation on gender equality, increased transparency and criminalization of trafficking.


Anita Gradin was nominated on 9 May 2007 by the European Movement in Sweden to the 2007 European Year in Sweden 2007.


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