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Anime Ganbare Goemon (アニメがんばれゴエモン, Anime Ganbare Goemon) is an anime television series, based on Konami's best-selling video game franchise Goemon. The television series was produced by Trans Arts, aired from 1997 to 1998, ran for 23 episodes, and 5 volumes of videos were released on VHS and DVD. It was eventually picked up in North America for an English dub done by ADV Films under the name Legend of the Mystical Ninja.

Anime Ganbare Goemon
Anime Ganbare Goemon VHS cover.jpg
VHS cover
Genre Adventure, Science fiction
Anime television series
Directed by Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Produced by Koki Matsura
Written by Yasushi Hirano
Music by Yasunori Tsuchida
Studio Trans Arts
Licensed by
Original network TBS (1997-1998)
Original run October 4, 1997 March 28, 1998
Episodes 23
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The Demon Lord Makamuge intends to conquer both the game world and the real world, and it's up to Goemon and his friends to prevent this from happening.



Goemon, Voiced by: Yasunori Matsumoto (Japanese); Vic Mignogna (English)
Ebisumaru, Voiced by: Kenichi Ogata (Japanese); Chris Patton (English)
Sasuke, Voiced by: Chika Sakamoto (Japanese); Greg Ayres (English)
Yae (ヤエ)
Voiced by: Aya Hisakawa (Japanese); Jessica Boone (English)
Omitsu, Voiced by: Sakura Tange (Japanese); Kira Vincent-Davis (English)


Tsukasa Ishikawa (石川 ツカサ, Ishikawa Tsukasa)
Voiced by: Tomoko Kojima (Japanese); Tiffany Grant (English)
Junichiro Ishikawa (石川 純一郎, Ishikawa Jun'ichirō)
Voiced by: Isshin Chiba (Japanese); Andy McAvin (English)
Yoko Ishikawa (石川 洋子, Ishikawa Yoko)
Voiced by: Michiko Neya (Japanese); Lorinda Boyd (English)
Itakaro (イタカロー, Itakarō)
Voiced by: Isshin Chiba (Japanese); Chris Patton (English)
Doctor Mudanashi (ドクタームダナシ, Dokutā Mudanashi)
Voiced by: Kazumi Tanaka (Japanese); David Born (English)
Seppukumaru (セップク丸, Seppukumaru)
Voiced by: Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese); David Born (English)
Goemon Impact (ゴエモン・インパクト, Goemon Inpakuto)
Voiced by: Kentarō Itō (Japanese); George Manley (English)
Hatarino (ハッタリーノ, Hatarino)
Voiced by: Masato Amada (Japanese); Greg Ayres (English)
Asuka Tsuchiya (土屋 明日香, Tsuchiya Asuka)
Voiced by: Kyōko Hikami (Japanese); Hilary Haag (English)
Monoshirinosuke Momochi (百地 物知介, Momochi Monoshirinosuke)
Voiced by: Jun'ichi Sugawara (Japanese); Jim McClellan (English)
Noboru Mejirodai (目白台 ノボル, Mejirodai Noboru)
Voiced by: Yoshinori Fujita (Japanese); Kevin Corn (English)
Nyanko (ニャンコ, Nyanko)
Voiced by: Kumi Sakuma (Japanese); Monica Rial (English)
Rokudenashi (ロクデーナシ, Rokudenashi)
Voiced by: Yuri Shiratori (Japanese); Patricia Duran (English)
Tomoe Nishimura (西村 知笑, Nishimura Tomoe)
Voiced by: Kumi Sakuma (Japanese); Patricia Duran (English)
Makuamuge (マクアムーゲ, Makuamūge)
Voiced by: Masaki Aizawa (Japanese); Rick Pearsall (English)
Mama Mejirodai (目白台 ママ, Mejirodai Mama)
Voiced by: Chika Sakamoto (Japanese); Shelley Calene-Black (English)

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Anime Ganbare Goemon

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