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Anima (role-playing game)

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Anima is a tabletop role-playing franchise developed by Anima Game Studio. Anima's fantasy setting, called Gaïa, is significantly inspired by Japanese role-playing video games such as Final Fantasy and Suikoden, and features manga-like art, Eastern concepts of honor codes, mysticism and martial arts. Additionally, the world of Anima combines those elements with traditional Western fantasy ones, such as magic and medieval arms.

Tabletop gamesEdit

Anima: Beyond FantasyEdit

Anima: Beyond Fantasy cover

The tabletop role-playing game that started the franchise was originally published by Edge Entertainment in 2005 in Spain.


A French translation was published in France in 2007 by UbIK, a French company that merged in 2008 with Edge Entertainment, Anima's Spanish editor. An English translation of Anima was released in October 2008 by the American company Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) and is still included in FFG's games catalog.[1] A German translation is planned.

Although the English translation was originally slated for an August 2006 release, multiple release dates came and went without the game being released. The publisher's website told of a September 2008 release. Gen-Con Indy saw the initial release, followed by a full release on October 2008.

The translation is not a second edition of the game (as widely believed) but rather a revised version. For a while it was believed that an electronic version of an English translation of the first edition existed. According to an email by Jeremy Stomberg of Fantasy Flight Games:

"There is no official translation of the Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG in PDF. The only official English translation is in the computers at FFG. By the time the FFG translation was ready, Edge (the Spanish publisher) already had the 2nd Edition finished, so we decided to release the 2nd Edition so gamers would have the most up-to-date book. We expect it out this summer."

As of June 28, 2010, Fantasy Flight Games has published the core rules in PDF format on DriveThruRPG. The publishing was discontinued May 26, 2016.


Released in English
  • Anima: Beyond Fantasy (August 2008, PDF format June 2010)
  • Game Master's Toolkit (August 2009)
  • Gaïa Volume 1: Beyond the Dreams! (June 2010)
  • Dominus Exxet: Dominion of Ki (July 2011)
  • Those Who Walked Among Us (16 September 2011)
  • Arcana Exxet: Secrets of the Supernatural (25 July 2012)
  • Prometheum Exxet (17 June 2013)
  • Character Folder
  • Character Diary (Male)
  • Character Diary (Female)
  • Core Exxet: (Second edition basic rules)
  • Gaïa Volume 2: Beyond the Mirror

Anima: TacticsEdit

Anima: Tactics is a 32mm miniature game set in the Anima universe, produced and distributed by the U.S. company Cipher Studios. The game is played with individual characters and advantage cards that are worth a certain number of points.


All Anima: Tactics characters have a side (either Light, Dark, or Neutral) and a faction.

Limited Edition MiniaturesEdit

Anima: Tactics is not a collectible game, but some character are given a limited edition variant pose in addition to their standard re-printable pose. Cipher studios has so far released two Limited Edition variants: Celia and Khaine-D'Lacreu. The Limited Edition Celia since selling out has become highly collectible and has in the past fetch prices as high as US$100 on online auctions.

International CompetitionEdit

Every year since 2008 there has been a US National Championship held at Gen Con Indianapolis. Since 2007 annual European and German Championships take place at Dreieich Con near Frankfurt, Germany.

As of 2015 the European Championships take place in Bonn, Germany. [1]

Current European ranking: [2]

2015 Benjamin Effer "Renjie" Andrej Plancak "Woo" Dennis Schlesinger "Grumel"
2014 Benjamin Effer "Renjie" Andrej Plancak "Woo" Marcin Marciniak "Martini"

Anima: The Card GameEdit

The card games are non-collectible, and meant to be played with three to four (five with expansion), however two can play but gameplay is not as dynamic. The original English edition of Shadow of Omega was re-released with errata and a new card material to match future releases.


  • Shadow of Omega
  • Shadow of Omega Revised
  • Beyond Good and Evil
  • The Twilight of the Gods

Video gamesEdit

Anima: Ark of SinnersEdit

Anima: Ark of sinners
Developer(s)Anima Game Studio
Publisher(s)Anima Game Studio
  • EU: 7 July 2011
  • NA: 27 October 2011

Anima: Ark of Sinners is a platform video game developed and published by Anima Game Studio exclusively for Wii.


Aggregate score
Review scores
Nintendo Life          [7]

Anima: Ark of Sinners received "unfavorable" reviews, according to review aggregator Metacritic.[2]

Anima: Gate of MemoriesEdit

Anima: Gate of Memories
Developer(s)Anima Project
Publisher(s)Badland Games
Platform(s)Linux, Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Release3 June 2016
Genre(s)Action role-playing

Anima: Gate of Memories is an action role-playing video game developed by Anima Project and published by Badland Games for Linux, Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


Aggregate score
Metacritic(XONE) 72/100[8]
(PC) 69/100[9]
(PS4) 52/100[10]
Review score

Anima: Gate of Memories received "mixed" reviews, according to review aggregator Metacritic.[8][9][10]


Groups and non-playable characters within the game.

Sacred Holy Empire of AbelEdit

The most powerful faction on Gaïa for seven centuries, Abel's supremacy toppled with the death of the former Emperor and rise of the child empress Elisabetta Barbados. They seek the Lost Loggia and rally their forces to regain their former prestige.

  • Anna Never: The secret identity of Elisabetta Barbados, daughter of Emperor Elias Barbados, Anna is a 13-year-old paladin.
  • Kisidan: A God Slayer, the highest distinction of power of the Imperium, Kisidian is Elisabetta's tutor, leader of the Heaven Order, and strongest of the Knights of the Seventh Heaven. He was hired and sent by the Imperium to keep tabs on the Abel royal family where he became Elisabetta's bodyguard who slew her father when he went mad and tried to kill her. His betrayal of the Imperium has yet to be visited upon him.
  • Tadeus Van Horsman: Lord of War.
  • Lilith: Mysterious member of the four Knights of the Seventh Heaven.
  • Griever (Jonathan Grimm): One of the four Knights of the Seventh Heaven. Son of Baphomet, the last praetorian that guarded the Giovanni dynasty, and bodyguard of the Empress.
  • Tiamat: Youngest of the four Knights of the Seventh Heaven.
  • Yuri Olsen: Secret leader of field operations for the Hand of the Empress (a clandestine organization that answers exclusively to Elisabetta Barbados). Yuri is the youngest person to ever earn the rank of Imperial General.
  • Claire Adelheid
  • Duncan Reid
  • Lilian Virgil
  • Kronen Roxxon
  • Odin Goldsmith
  • Janus Faith
  • Daniella Meris: An archer without parallel across all of Gaïa.
  • Vayl
  • Samiel
  • Mukui
  • Death Glacial
  • Kara

Azur AllianceEdit

Formerly allied with the Empire, Azur is now their chief rival in seeking the Lost Loggia.

  • Supreme Archon Matthew Gaul: Former Lord of War under Emperor Elias Barbados who disobeyed his master and seeks the throne of Emperor for himself.
  • High Arbiter Alastor: A dark paladin/weapon master whose body has been used as a demonic portal so often that it has long since gone beyond being human. Commands the organizations of Bellafonte.
  • High Arbiter Arkeid: a sylvain warrior summoner that commands the Iron Finger fortress in Remo and believes Gaul is the only one capable of bringing peace to the world.
  • High Arbiter Aizen: A d'Anjayni assassin who acts as the Hand of Gaul.
  • High Arbiter Kariagne: a technician who acts as the Hand of Gaul.
  • High Arbiter Balthassar: a warrior summoner who directs the Seifer fortress in Togarini.
  • High Arbiter Reimi: a wizard who governs over the capital of Togarini, Kaine, in the absence of Gaul.
  • High Arbiter Dandalion: a warrior mentalist who took over the power in the independent state of Kashmir.
  • The Colonel (Les Jaeger)
  • Reindhold
  • Kirsten
  • Kyler
  • Deadmoon: Former pirate queen and current young leader of the Three Lords of the Abyss.
  • Hel: Jerome's sister and one of the Three People in the Abyss.
  • Jerome
  • Maximo Ligori
  • Harod

The ChurchEdit

The representation of faith on Gaïa, the Church seeks out supernatural forces that endanger the world with absolute devotion.

  • Romeo Exxet: The "Chosen of the Light", Romeo is a superhuman warlock.
  • Saint Elianai
  • Justina
  • Damien
  • Saint Evangeline
  • Saint Astraega
  • Saint Hazael
  • Nero
  • Xavier
  • Azriel
  • Aliss Testarossa
  • Alexias
  • Marchosias


Hidden from the world for seven centuries, the Samael are the remnants of the world's supernatural creatures rallied by the Fallen Angels to rise up again.

  • Ophiel: A Fallen Angel and warlock with power over darkness.
  • Dinah
  • Covel
  • Legion
  • Kairos
  • Konosuke
  • Kudoi
  • Medeus
  • Momiji
  • Morrigan
  • Nahimana
  • Dark Chesire
  • Bael
  • Aoi Inukai
  • Janiel
  • Shinigami Ayl
  • Genma Dhanyata
  • Shadow
  • Yuki


A clandestine organization founded and controlled by prince Lucanor that operate in the shadows to enact their ruler's mysterious plans. Agents are implanted with technology infused with magic.

  • Lucanor Giovanni: Prince of Lucretio (following the demise of Bruno Frey), who obtained his title after turning down the position of Emperor in favor of Elias Barbados, that founded Wissenschaft for an unknown purpose.
  • Meridian Kappel
  • Reist Ebersbacher
  • Valeria Strauss
  • Edgard Ibanesku
  • Frederick Mausser
  • Steiner Wenzel
  • XII
  • Lorenzo Rey Del Filio
  • Rayne Faria
  • Cordelia Rosalind
  • Celia
  • Feng Yi
  • Alessa Raincross
  • Veronica
  • Valis Ul Del Vilfain

Black SunEdit

One of the most powerful corporations on Gaïa that seek out powerful, ancient artifacts. After acquiring the Book of the Dead, Black Sun began to raise the dead into monstrosities as part of a bid to control the global arms race.

  • Clover

Tol RaukoEdit

Templars of the island Tol Rauko who preserve Gaïa's ancient civilizations, whose knowledge and power can topple entire countries or change the course of world events.

Sisters of SeleneEdit

An all female band of assassins regarded as the finest of their trade across Gaïa.

  • Alaxa Ul Del Serendis: The Lady of Selene (the group's leader).
  • Kali Ul Del Serendis: Alaxa's daughter and Selene's deadliest assassin with the rank of Executioner.

The Lost OnesEdit

A small band of survivors of "The End of Fairy Tales" when the kingdom of Sylvania fell who follow the Emperor's son Nerelas Ul Del Sylvanus in his search for the ancient artifact The Eye of God in order to wipe out the human race.

  • Nerelas Ul Del Sylvanus: Emperor Taumiel Ul Del Sylvanus' son and leader of the Lost Ones. Nerelas is a warlock who inherited his father's great power of which borders on godlike. The Fallen Angels of the Samael have often sought an alliance with Nerelas (many of the surviving Sylvanians joined the Samael) only to be rebuked as the Fallen Prince only has interest with his own goals.
  • Crystal Ul Del Shainan: Nerelas' unofficial second-in-command gifted with the ability to observe fragments of future events. She has a deep love for Nerelas that is not mutual.


A term for those without an affiliation.

  • Kagami: A remarkably powerful Jürgand Soulblade that has the distinction of being the only person to escape the Imperium.
  • Sylvia Ul Del Sylvanus: Daughter of Emperor Taumiel Ul Del Sylvanus who inadvertently allowed enemy forces to storm Sylvania. Traversing the world concealing her identity (shunned by her own people), she is a champion of justice with her incredible martial skills who has befriended Anna Never.
  • Celia Ul Del Serendis: Alaxa's daughter and Kali's sister, Celia was her sister's rival and seemed equally adept at the assassin's art but failed the test for Executioner against her sister and deserted Selene.
  • Kujaku Hime: A princess of the Asakura clan in Lannet descendended from the goddess Michirokami, Kujaku accidentally released one of the Orochi seals. Fleeing her homeland, she seeks to atone for her mistake by seeking a means of stopping the awakening of Dark Aeon.
  • Loctus Khan Schwarzwald
  • §Li Long
  • Yuri
  • Jiang Pao
  • Akio
  • Tsubasa Kurokami
  • Faust Orbatos
  • Khaine D'lacreu
  • Dereck Shezard
  • Takanosuke
  • Sophia Ilmora
  • §Drake


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