Anglican Diocese of Ottawa

The Diocese of Ottawa is a diocese of the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario of the Anglican Church of Canada, itself a province of the Anglican Communion, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The diocese was established on April 7, 1896.[1]

Diocese of Ottawa
Ecclesiastical provinceOntario
Coordinates45°25′03″N 75°42′33″W / 45.41750°N 75.70917°W / 45.41750; -75.70917Coordinates: 45°25′03″N 75°42′33″W / 45.41750°N 75.70917°W / 45.41750; -75.70917
Parishes58 (2017)
Churches80 (2017)
Members18,500 (2017)
DenominationAnglican Church of Canada
EstablishedApril 7, 1896 (1896-04-07)
CathedralChrist Church Cathedral, Ottawa
Current leadership
BishopShane Parker

In June 2016, the diocese announced that it would allow legal same-gender marriages.[2]

Bishops of OttawaEdit

Order Name Dates Notes
1st Charles Hamilton 1896-1914 Metropolitan of Canada, 1896-1914
2nd Charles Roper 1915-1939 Metropolitan of Ontario, 1933-1939
3rd Robert Jefferson 1939-1954
4th Ernest Reed 1954-1970
5th William Robinson 1970-1981
6th Edwin Lackey 1981-1992 Metropolitan of Ontario, 1991-1992
7th John Baycroft 1992-1999
8th Peter Coffin 1999-2007 also Bishop Ordinary to Canadian Forces, 2004
9th John Chapman 2007-2020
10th Shane Parker 2020-present


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