Anglican Diocese of Auckland

The Diocese of Auckland is one of the thirteen dioceses and hui amorangi of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia.[1] The Diocese covers the area stretching from North Cape down to the Waikato River, across the Hauraki Plains and including the Coromandel Peninsula.

Arms of the Diocese of Auckland.
Flags of the Diocese of Auckland and the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Auckland.

The Diocese of New Zealand was established in 1841, and originally covered the entire country. In 1854, it was limited to the Auckland region only. By act of the fourth General Synod (anticipating Selwyn's retirement), 15 October 1868 the diocese was renamed the Diocese of Auckland;[2] Selwyn was called Bishop of New Zealand until his resignation of the See in 1869, whereas Cowie was called Bishop of Auckland from the announcement of his nomination.

The current bishop is Ross Graham Bay, who was enthroned as the 11th Bishop of Auckland at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity on Saturday, 17 April 2010.

The theological college is the College of St John the Evangelist.

List of bishopsEdit

From Until Incumbent Notes
1841 1869 George Selwyn, Bishop of New Zealand Sole bishop in New Zealand until 1856; metropolitan/primate thereafter; translated to Lichfield (but retained See of New Zealand until May 1869)[3]
Bishops of Auckland
1869 1902 William Cowie Also Primate from 1869; died in office.
1903 1910 Moore Neligan
1911 1913 Lloyd Crossley
1914 1940 Alfred Averill Translated from Waiapu; also Archbishop of New Zealand from 1925.
1940 1960 John Simkin
1960 1978 Eric Gowing
1979 1985 Paul Reeves Translated from Waiapu; also Archbishop of New Zealand from 1980; afterwards Governor-General of New Zealand.
1985 1994 Bruce Gilberd
1994 2010 John Paterson Also Presiding Bishop of New Zealand from 1998.
2010 present Ross Bay

Assistant bishopsEdit

Gething Caulton, Vicar of Northcote and then Epsom, former Bishop of Melanesia, was an assistant bishop, 1955–1964.[4] Monty Monteith was assistant bishop from his consecration, 24 February 1965,[5] until his death, 12 June 2003.[6] Ted Buckle was assistant bishop for the Northern Region,[7] 1981[8] – 30 June 1992;[9] Bruce Moore for the Southern Region, 24 February 1992[10] – September 1997;[11] and Richard Randerson (vicar-general and Dean) an assistant bishop, 2002–2007.[12] Godfrey Wilson became Assistant Bishop in 1980[13] and retired on 30 November 1991.[9] Jim White became Assistant Bishop of Auckland[14] with his consecration as a bishop on 29 October 2011.[10]


In 1866, the New Zealand diocese had three archdeaconries: G. A. Kissling was Archdeacon of Waitemata, Henry Govett of Taranaki, and H. Williams of Waimate.[15]

Archdeacons of Waitmata

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