Angharad ferch Meurig

Angharad ferch Meurig was a 9th-century Welsh noblewoman. She was the wife of Rhodri the Great of Gwynedd, and mother of Anarawd (Rhodri's successor), Cadell ap Rhodri, and Merfyn.

Angharad ferch Meurig
SpouseRhodri the Great
IssueAnarawd ap Rhodri
Cadell ap Rhodri
Merfyn ap Rhodri
HouseHouse of Cunedda
FatherMeurig ap Dyfnwal


Angharad was the daughter of Meurig, evidently the King of Seisyllwg in southwestern Wales. She was a descendant of Cunedda through his son, Ceredig ap Cunedda. She married Rhodri Mawr of Gwynedd, who held power over much of Wales. Her brother Gwgon succeeded their father to the throne of Seisyllwg, but he drowned without an heir in 872. Subsequently, Angharad and Rhodri became caretakers of his kingdom. Rhodri had no standing to take the kingship himself, but the family connection allowed him to install his second son, Cadell, as king.[1] Their first son, Anarawd, later succeeded Rhodri in Gwynedd. Their third son, Merfyn, is sometimes said to have been installed as King of Powys.


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