Angela Altagracia de Lannoy-Willems

Angela Altagracia "Tata" de Lannoy-Willems (31 May 1913 – 10 July 1983)[1][2] was a Curaçaoan politician. In 1949 she became the first female member of the Estates of the Netherlands Antilles.

Angela Altagracia de Lannoy-Willems
Member of the Estates
In office
Member of Curaçao Island Council
In office
Personal details
Born31 May 1913
Died10 July 1983(1983-07-10) (aged 70)
Willemstad, Curaçao

Biography edit

The 1949 elections to the Estates of the Netherlands Antilles were the first held under universal suffrage.[3] Using the name De Lannoy-Elisabeth she was a candidate of the National People's Party.[4][2] Initially she was not elected but a few months after the elections she succeeded M.F. da Costa Gomez and became the first female member of the Estates.[5][6] She was re-elected in 1950, remaining a member until 1954.[7] In 1951 she was also appointed to the Council of Ministers and was also elected to Curaçao Island Council.[7][2]

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