Angadh is a village in Vadodara Taluka of Vadodara district in Gujarat, western India. It was a Mehwal (petty princely state) during British period. Thakor Rulers village of Baroda


The non-salute state Angadh was the major one of the three Dorka states (part of the Pandu Mehwas, under the colonial Rewa Kantha Agency), the other two being Donka itself and Reika (Reyka). It was ruled by Kshatriya Koli Chieftains and covered 4 1/2 square miles with a population of 2,269 in 1901, yielding a state revenue of 5,181 Rupees (1903-4; over half from land) and paying 1,344 Rupees tribute to the Gaikwar Baroda State.


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