Andy Steggall is the head of PR at the Ordnance Survey[citation needed] and a former television sports presenter, producer and filmmaker. He produced the South and West edition of the BBC regional football show Late Kick Off[1] and has been working for Sky on several other projects. He runs two television production companies specialising in sport – Pergall Productions and Pergall Media.[citation needed] He has previously worked for TVS, Meridian, ITN, Setanta, Channel 4, Sunset + Vine, TWI and GMTV.

Broadcasting careerEdit

Steggall began his broadcasting career in local radio at BBC Radio Leicester and then Centre Radio and Southern Sound.[citation needed] He started his television career as a reporter and presenter for TVS[citation needed] before working on The Channel 4 Daily and GMTV.[citation needed] He then presented sport and news for Meridian.[citation needed] He freelances as a presenter for Sky Sports News.[citation needed]

Steggall presented Ski Tips (ITV), a skiing magazine programme on ITV,[citation needed] for several years before he produced the last series.[citation needed] He fronted the series Conquer the Arctic (TWI/Channel 4).[citation needed] He was the reporter on a Channel 4 documentary about Shane Warne.[citation needed] He produced UcanDOit, a series of films about grassroots sport for Sky.[citation needed] He has also produced several programmes about golf for Sky[citation needed] and is working[when?] on a documentary about the history of the Professional Footballers' Association.[citation needed]

Business interestsEdit

Steggall runs Pergall Media with Match of the Day commentators John Roder and Louis Browne,[citation needed] and a number of media training courses both on his own and in conjunction with other companies.

In popular cultureEdit

Short-lived British Hardcore/Metal act Stegel named themselves after the television presenter.[2]


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