Andrus Murumets

Andrus Murumets (born 20 July 1978[1]) is an Estonian strongman and entrant to the World's Strongest Man contest. He reached 5th in the World Rankings according to the IFSA rankings in 2008. Andrus competed in the IFSA World Championships in 2005 finishing 4th, 5th in 2006[3] and 5th in 2007.[3] Andrus has competed in the Arnold Strongman Classic 3 times, his best finish was 3rd in 2007.[4] In 2009 he became the overall champion of the Strongman Champions League.[5] He has been described by Svend Karlsen as having the strongest grip in the world.[6]

Andrus Murumets
Andrus Murumets.JPG
Born (1978-07-20) 20 July 1978 (age 43)
OccupationStrongman, police officer[2]
EmployerEstonian Police and Border Guard Board
Height6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
ChildrenMartin, Emma
Competition record
Representing  Estonia
Arnold Strongman Classic
3rd 2007
4th 2008
7th 2009
IFSA World Championships
4th 2005
5th 2006
5th 2007
Strongman Champions League
3rd 2008 Serbia
2nd 2008 Netherlands
1st 2008 Bulgaria
1st 2009 Overall
2nd 2009 Serbia
1st 2009 Finland
1st 2009 Slovakia
9th 2008
7th 2009
Europe's Strongest Man (IFSA)
3rd 2005
2nd 2007
Estonia's Strongest Man
1st 2002
2nd 2003
2nd 2004
1st 2005
1st 2006
1st 2007
1st 2009

Murumets lives near Tallinn in Üksnurme, Saku Parish.[7] Since May 2011 Murumets is working as a police officer.[2]

World recordsEdit

  • Until 2008, Farmer’s Walk world record holder at 352 lbs (160 kg) per hand on a 50m course.
  • World record holder: Timber Carry, 875 lbs (398 kg) / 40 pi (12,3 m) / 7,35 sec
  • Rolling Thunder - On 16 June 2003 he broke the world record for the Rolling Thunder one hand deadlift with a lift of 267 lb at the IFSA All Strength Challenge in Winnipeg, Manitoba.[8] This has since been broken by Laine Snook, and is currently held by Mark Felix.


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