Andrea Pasqualino Marini

Andrea Pasqualino Marini (c. 1660 - after 1712)[1] was an Italian painter active in the Marche region in a late-Baroque style.


He was born in Recanati, in the province of Macerata. He appears to have trained in Rome, either under Carlo Maratta or one of his pupils.[2] In Rome, he also helped decorate Sant'Andrea delle Fratte with frescoes.[3] Later in life, he returned to Recanati. In 1697 he painted a processional standard for the Confraternity of the Crucifix in Foligno.[4] He painted an altarpiece depicting San Carlo Borromeo for the church of San Filippo Neri, Recanati. He painted a Mystical Marriage of St Catherine for the church of Santa Maria di Castelnuovo in Recanati.[5]


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