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Andaw Thein (Burmese: အံတော်သိမ်ဘုရား amtau sim bhu.ra:, Burmese pronunciation: [àɴdɔ̀ θèiɴ pʰəjá] Añṯotheiñ hpăyà) is a temple in Mrauk U located at the northwest corner of the Shite-thaung Temple. The name means 'Tooth Shrine'. It contains a tooth relic of the Buddha coming from Sri Lanka. It was first built as an ordination hall between 1515 and 1521 by King Thazata, and restored by Min Bin between 1534 and 1542.[1] It was later expanded into a temple by King Raza II in order to house a tooth relic of the Buddha he brought back from his pilgrimage to Ceylon, either in 1596 or 1606–1607.[note 1]

Andaw-Thein Temple
The Andaw Thein Ordination Hall and Temple
Andaw-thein Temple is located in Myanmar
Andaw-thein Temple
Location within Burma
Geographic coordinates20°43′6″N 93°6′30″E / 20.71833°N 93.10833°E / 20.71833; 93.10833Coordinates: 20°43′6″N 93°6′30″E / 20.71833°N 93.10833°E / 20.71833; 93.10833
FounderThazata (ordination hall)
Raza II (temple)
Completed1515–1521 (ordination hall)
1607 (temple)


  1. ^ (Gutman 2001: 112) says he rebuilt the Andaw Thein in 1596 after the Ceylon trip. But chronicles (Sandamala Linkara Vol. 2 1999: 84) mention just one pilgrimage to Ceylon, leaving for the island state in Tazaungmon 968 ME (31 October 1606 to 28 November 1606). This means he probably had the structure enlarged in 1607.


  1. ^ Gutman 2001: 112


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