Andal Azhagar is a 2014-2016 Indian-Tamil language Family Romance soap opera starring Rishikesh, Kalyani, Stalin and Ramya. It was aired Monday through Friday on Vijay TV from 8 September 2014 to 8 April 2016 at 7:30PM (IST) and 11 April 2016 to 6 May 2016 6:30PM (IST) for 416 episodes.

Andal Azhagar
ஆண்டாள் அழகர்
Logo of Andal Azhagar
Also known asMan Manam Maratha Oru Nedumthodar
மண் மணம் மாறத ஒரு நெடும்தொடர்
GenreTamil soap opera
Written byS. Ramana Girivasan
Directed byFrancis Kathiravan
Music byIlaiyavan
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Tamil
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes416
Producer(s)K. J. Ganesh
Production location(s)Madurai
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeapprox. 20-22 minutes per episode
Original networkSTAR Vijay
Original release8 September 2014 (2014-09-08) –
6 May 2016 (2016-05-06)
Preceded byThayumanavan
7:30PM IST
Followed byPagal Nilavu
6:30PM IST
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The series is written and directed by Francis Kathiravan.[1][2][3] The show completed its 400th episode on 13 April 2016. It reunited Stalin and Ramya, who previously starred together in Saravanan Meenatchi (2011-2014).

It is a story about changes its course with a clash between two families, as Andal (Kalyani) and Azhagar (Rishikesh) get on an emotional, high-octane rollercoaster.

Andal Azhagar Season 2 began airs 9 May 2016 and as Pagal Nilavu and different story and new cast.[4]


This story centers around two warring families. The problem started when Vadivu (Azaghar’s mom), who is the Collector’s sister, ran away with Murugesan (a poor person) and married him. Their parents supposedly died due to grief, and now there’s a cold war happening between both families. The present day follows Azhagar(the second son and youngest child of Murugesan and Vadivu) and Aandal (the Collector’s only daughter and youngest child) as they fall in love. We also see that despite family problems, Azhagar and Sakthi (Andal’s second brother) are the best of friends. Sakthi has hidden feelings for Revathi (Azhagar’s elder and only sister).

Azhagar falls for Andal on first sight and tries to impress her. Then Andal too falls for Azhagar. Vadivu comes to know of these happenings and advises Andal to break up the budding romance. Later Sakthi comes to know about Azhagar and Andal's romance and decides to kill Azhagar. As Andal and Azhagar promise to break up, Sakthi forgives them.

Marriage arrangements are made for Andal. Meanwhile, Revathi is engaged to her friend Dinesh and Sakthi is engaged to another girl in the same village. Azhagar tries to alert Andal that her bride groom is not a good guy. Andal refuses to believe it. On the day of marriage Andal realizes the bridegrooms true character and asks Sakthi to stop the marriage. Sakthi doesn't believe Andal. So Andal asks for Azhagar's help and they both elope and get married. Furious Sakthi kidnaps Revathi and marries her. Revathi decides to live with Sakthi to punish him.

In Azhagar's house, Andal is tortured by Vadivu and Annam (Azhagar's sister in law). Andal somehow wins over her father-in-law Murugesan's heart and goes for work. She strives hard to make Azhagar a lawyer. Sakthi starts to impress Revathi. Meanwhile, Annam and Vadivu make plans to separate Andal and Azhagar. They bring Mayil (Annam's sister) to their home to get her married to Azhagar and so separate Andal and Azhagar forever. Arusamy (Azhagar's eldest brother) and Sakthi stand for the local MLA election. Revathi works for Sakthi's victory.

Azhagar becomes a lawyer. Mayil conceives Arusamy's baby. Arusamy requests Azhagar to accept the blame until the completion of election and Azhagar agrees- trouble brews between Andal and Azhagar. Sakthi wins the election. Arusamy reveals the truth. Meanwhile, Azhagar is arrested on a Police complaint submitted by Andal and is ill-treated in jail. On learning the truth, Andal requests Azhagar to forgive her. Azhagar refuses and tortures her and they go for divorce. Sakthi gets friendly with Malar ( his political partyleader's sister). Azhagar gets friendly with Divya, a lawyer (his senior lawyer's relative).

Murugesan builds a hospital for Andal and allows Andal to name it after her Father-Chidambaram. Revathi becomes a collector and confesses her love for Sakthi. At the same time, Murugesan comes to take Revathi back to their home and Revathi leaves as per Chidambaram's instruction. Chidambaram is ready to forgive Murugesan for the sake of Revathi. Eventually, Revathi confesses her love for Sakthi to Murugesan and he accepts their love and agrees to forgive Chidambaram. Meanwhile, Vadivu decides to marry Divya to Azhagar, but in reality Azhagar misses Andal.

Arusamy plants false tales of an illicit relationship between Malar and Sakthi. Furious at that Sakthi tries to stab Arusamy. But by mistake he stabs Murugesan who becomes critical due to the injury. Chidambaram, Andal and Revathi are furious at Sakthi for his action. They refuse to forgive him. But Malar supports him and takes care of him. Murugesan is saved. Revathi decides to punish Sakthi for his act and sends Andal out of the home.

Malar loves Sakthi and decides to save him at any cause. Revathi conceives Sakthi's baby and claims that she will bring the child up against him. Chidambaram accepts Andal into his home again. Azhagar realizes his love for Andal. Andal is called as witness in court about the stabbing of Murugesan by Sakthi. Despite everyone's advice Andal speaks the truth and becomes the prime witness against her brother Sakthi. After court, Andal pleads for Sakthi's understanding. He refuses and disowns Andal. Malar files her witness statement that she and Sakthi have an affair and that Sakthi was with her that night. Sakthi is released from the case. He leaves his house after blaming Chidambaram and Andal for abandoning him.

Azhagar confesses his love to Andal and they both reunite. Revathi arranges for Azhagar and Divya's engagement without Azhagar's knowledge. Andal gets upset on knowing this and snubs Azhagar and he tries to convince Andal. Malar carries on marriage arrangement for her and Shakthi claiming to him that its just a fake arrangements to bring out Revathi's love for Shakthi. (But her actual intention is to marry him by a trick)

Azhagar, Murugesan, Andal, Divya, Andal's brother and sister-in-law attends Thenu(Andal's friend) and Kathi(Azhagar's friend) wedding. Azhagar somehow manages to convince Divya and Andal. Azhagar and Andal reunite. Azhagar takes Andal to his home. As Revathi refuses to accept them, the both leave to Chidambaram's house where they are accepted.

Bond develops between Chidambaram and Azhagar. Revathi misses Shakthi but doesn't confess the same. Shakthi tries to convince Revathi. Everyone advises Shakthi not to marry Malar. Revathi confides her feelings for Shakthi to Murugesan and decides to reunite with him as per Murugesan's advice. Andal and Azhagar, with Chidambaram's advise decide to stop the marriage planned between Shakthi and Malar. Meanwhile, Shakthi reveals to Malar's brother that the marriage plan was fake. Malar's brother gets a heart attack and is admitted in the hospital. The hospitalized brother requests Shakthi to marry Malar as his last wish. Revathi, Andal and Azhagar rush to the hospital. Shakthi marries Malar before the three arrive. Revathi is broken. Shakthi realizes that he has been cheated by Malar.

Revathi blames Azhagar for her fate and calls him a betrayer. Also, there has been conflicts happening in Murugesan House between Revathi and her sister-in-law, Annam(Aarusamy's wife). Believing that she is the cause for all the problems in her house, Revathi leaves the house overnight, without telling anyone where she is and intending to sever contact with all of her family members. Similarly, believing that he is the cause for his sister's life becoming ruined, Azhagar goes out of town to clear his mind, leaving Andal with her parents.

Shakthi stops talking to Malar and comes home drunk every night because she tricked him. On one such day, a drunk Shakthi gets close to Malar, believing she is Revathi, and Malar also uses this to her advantage, and they both get into a physical relationship. In the morning Shakthi bitterly berates Malar and leaves her. Malar then attempts suicide. Shakthi rushes to the hospital, Malar is saved. Malar tells Shakthi that she will free him from their marriage. They both go to the temple and there Malar hugs Shakti and wishes him luck in searching for Revathi. At the same time, Revathi- who's come back planning to speak to Shakthi, sees Malar & Shakthi hugging in the temple and leaves the town immediately.

Soon, Malar discovers that she is pregnant. Around the same time, Andal is also found to be pregnant. Months pass, and Shakthi still doesn't talk to Malar. Andal is found to be pregnant with twins, and so she is pampered by her family and her father-in-law. Revathi is living an independent, yet hard life alone, and she is shown to be living in her friend's house in New Delhi. Later, Revathi goes into labour, and she gives birth to a boy. Andal is given a baby shower, and even though everyone conducts this ceremony happily, Chidambaram is mad that Azhagar has still not come to see his wife. Annam, who was also pregnant (she was sterile for many years, but on Andal's advice, she went through an operation, and she later got pregnant too) later gives birth to a boy. While everyone is happy, Shakthi is still not talking to Malar and is worrying about Revathi and her child. Shakthi's friend Poosari advises him to forgive Malar as she is now pregnant with his child.

On Prabarkaran's birth (Shakthi's child from Malar) he forgives her and treats her nicely. Malar is pleased. On the birth Shakthi invites his family and goes to their house. They ignore him. However, his mother, brother and sister-in-law arrive, making him very happy. However, due to Azhager's hate for Shakhti Andal does not come, though Shakthi understands. At the time of the other births, Andal has girl twins. She named them Revathi (a request from Azhager) and Shakti because she loved her brother a lot. Malar is furious that one of the twins has been named Revathi though she keeps it hidden from her husband, who is happy about the names. The names of Revathi's and Arusamy's child are not revealed until Pagal Nilavu, the next generation of Andal Azhager (Mon-Fri Star Vijay like Andal Azhager). The gender of Revathi's baby is revealed in the serial and she considers calling him Azhager, but declines it after what happened. Azhager plans to send his daughters into a school away from Madurai so they do not get caught up in drama and considers boarding school.

The serial ends like this with a short peacetime, but problems still underlie like Revathi being away. She does not come back to Madurai in Andal Azhagar. The future of this drama (i.e. the next generation) is Pagal Nilavu as mentioned before and runs Monday to Friday at Star Vijay during the evenings.


Main cast
  • Shiva (Rishikesh) as Azhagarsamy "Azhagar" [5]
  • Kalyani as Aandal
  • Stalin as Sakthivel "Sakthi"
  • Ramya shankar as Revathy
Additional cast
  • K. Natraj as Chidhambaram
  • Sheela as Viji
  • Ramesh as Karthikeyan
  • Deepa as Subathra
  • Chandraprakash as Murugesan
  • Shanthi Williams as Vadivu
  • Jacqueline as Thenmozhi (Thenu)
  • Suzane George/Reshma Pasupuleti as Malarvizhi "Malar"
  • Anu as Divya
  • Raju as Kathiresan (Kaththi)
  • Gemini Mani as Poosari
  • Subbaiah as Aarusamy
  • Sudha as Mangai
  • Rathnaraj as Malarvizhi's brother
  • Chandran
  • Vishalini as Mythili
  • Preethi as Mayil
  • Karthik Sasidharan as Vinod

Airing historyEdit

The show started airing on STAR Vijay on 8 September 2014 and It aired on Monday through Friday 7:30PM IST. Later its timing changed Starting from Monday 11 April 2016, the show was shifted to 6:30PM IST time Slot.

Aired Time Episodes
8 September 2014 (2014-09-08) - 8 April 2016 (2016-04-08) 7:30PM (IST) 1-397
11 April 2016 (2016-04-11) - 6 May 2016 (2016-05-06) 6:30PM (IST) 398-416

Awards and nominationsEdit

In 2015, at its Vijay Television Awards, the channel gave its program the Best supporting actor male award to Stalin and the Best Family award was given to the Aandal Azhagar team. Kalyani also received the Performer Special Award for her work. Apart from these, Kalyani was also nominated for Best Heroine award. Ramya also nominated for Best supporting actor Female[6]

Year Award Category Recipient Role Result
2015 Vijay Television Awards [7] Favourite Comedian Fiction Deepa Subathira Nominated
Raju Kathir Nominated
Favourite Actor Male Shiva Azhagar Nominated
Favourite Actor Female Kalyani Andal Nominated
Favourite Fiction Series Nominated
Favourite Supporting Actor Male Stalin Sakthivel Won
Favourite Supporting Actor Female Ramya Revathy Nominated
Special Jury Award Kalyani Andal Won
Ramya Revathy Won
Best BGM Ilayavan Himself Nominated
Best Promo-Fiction Raju & Bala Himself Won
Best Family Won

International broadcastEdit

The Series was released on 8 September 2014 on Vijay TV and Vijay TV HD. The Show was also broadcast internationally on Channel's international distribution.


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