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Anaheim University is a nationally accredited for-profit university based in Anaheim, California.

Anaheim University
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Unity through Diversity
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It was founded in 1996 as the Newport Asia Pacific University and the name was changed seven years later to Anaheim University.[1]

The university is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), an educational accreditation agency founded in 1926 located in Washington, D.C. The DEAC is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the United States Department of Education as an accreditor of institutions of higher education. Anaheim University claims to be one of the first online universities in the United States to offer graduate degree programs entirely online. The university, is based in the City of Anaheim in Orange County, California U.S.

The university is made up of three graduate schools: the Graduate School of Education, the Akio Morita School of Business (named after Sony founder Akio Morita), and the Akira Kurosawa School of Film (named after Akira Kurosawa). It also contains three institutes: the David Nunan TESOL Institute (established to honor David Nunan), the Carland Entrepreneurship Institute and the Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute (conceived by architect Kisho Kurokawa).

The university is best known for its online degree and certificate programs in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

Graduate School of EducationEdit

The Anaheim University Graduate School of Education is the first graduate school within the university and one of the first graduate schools in the United States to offer an online master's degree program taught almost entirely online through real-time synchronous study.

Its Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), Master of Arts and Graduate Diploma programs in TESOL are taught by 16 world-acclaimed authors and linguists including the Ed.D. in TESOL developer, British linguist Rod Ellis, an Oxford University Press Duke of Edinburgh Award-Winning author of the 824-page textbook The Study of Second Language Acquisition. Dr. Ellis is often referred to as the Father of Second Language Acquisition.

The Director of its Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in TESOL program is Dr. Hayo Reinders, a specialist in technology in education, learner autonomy, and out-of-class learning.

The Director of the MA in TESOL Program is Dr. David Nunan, former President of TESOL, Inc. Dr. Nunan is author of a number of widely used academic textbooks.[2]

Other notable professors include former Presidents of TESOL Dr. Denise Murray, Dr. MaryAnn Christison and Dr. Andy Curtis, Materials Experts Brian Tomlinson, Dr. Thom Hudson, Dr. Sandra McKay, CALL expert Dr. Ken Beatty, Dr. Martha Cummings, and Sociolinguist Dr. Gary Barkhuizen. One of the founding TESOL Professors at Anaheim University Emeritus Dr. Ruth Wajnryb, an Australian linguist and Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press author, died in 2012.

Within the Anaheim University Graduate School of Education is the Anaheim University David Nunan TESOL Institute, a division of the school offering certificate and undergraduate diploma programs in TESOL and Teaching English to Young Learners.

Akio Morita School of BusinessEdit

The Akio Morita School of Business is Anaheim University's Business School. It was named in honor of Sony founder Akio Morita (1921–1999). It offers graduate degree, diploma and certificate programs including Online Doctor of Business Administration programs in Management and International Business, an online International MBA, online Graduate Diploma and Certificate programs in International Business; Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), MBA, Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate programs in Sustainable Management jointly with the school's Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute, and a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and Master in Entrepreneurship through the Carland Entrepreneurship Institute.[3] The School is run under the direction of its Dean Dr. Robert Robertson. The Morita Estate in Tokyo's Aoyama fashion district was converted to a learning center that hosted Anaheim University's School of Business during its many years in Tokyo. Anaheim University's MBA program was ranked #1 in Japan for faculty expertise in 2008 and 2009 by the Nikkei BP, Japan's largest business publisher. Anaheim University discontinued its on-campus Tokyo operations in March 2011 following the Tohoku earthquake.

Kisho Kurokawa Green InstituteEdit

The 12 course + dissertation 3-year Online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Global Sustainable Management, the 12-course, 18-month Online MBA in Sustainable Management referred to as the Online Green MBA, a 6-course 36-week Diploma in Sustainable Management and a 3-course 18-week Certificate in Sustainable Management are offered through the Anaheim University Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute, which was conceived by the eco-minded architect Kisho Kurokawa who prior to his death in October 2007 was Chair of the Executive Advisory Board at Anaheim University. The Online Green MBA is an interdisciplinary program jointly developed by the Anaheim University Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute and the Anaheim University Akio Morita School of Business.

Carland Entrepreneurship InstituteEdit

The Carland Entrepreneurship Institute offers an online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Entrepreneurship and Master of Entrepreneurship, designed to prepare entrepreneurs around the world to build and lead successful ventures without the support of an existing company or endowment. The Anaheim University Carland Entrepreneurship Institute is named in honor of its founders, Professors JoAnn and Jim Carland, two of the most frequently cited authors in the academic field of entrepreneurship. Drs. Jim and JoAnn Carland have over thirty years experience as university faculty members and helped to pioneer the academic field of entrepreneurship by developing the first Master of Entrepreneurship program in the United States in 2003.

Akira Kurosawa School of FilmEdit

The Akira Kurosawa School of Film is the university's Film School, located in Anaheim, California and named in honor of the Japanese Film Director Akira Kurosawa.[4] The school is primarily an online film school; although its headquarters are in Anaheim, California it also has a learning center in Tokyo, Japan. It was established on March 23, 2009, during a tribute to celebrate the 99th anniversary of Kurosawa's birth. A celebration was held on March 23, 2010, the 100th anniversary of Kurosawa's birth, to commemorate the development of the school of film's programs. The school is one of the world's premier online digital film schools which offers online degree and certificate programs in digital filmmaking.[citation needed]

Carrie Hamilton Entertainment InstituteEdit

The Carrie Hamilton Entertainment Institute is a unit of Anaheim University established in 2010 which plans to offer online entertainment-related programs.[5] It was established with a donation from Emmy Award-winning actress and comedian Carol Burnett in memory of Burnett's daughter, actress Carrie Hamilton.


The university's headquarters and digital film studios/publishing division "Anaheim University Press" are located in Anaheim, California, United States. The Anaheim University Akio Morita Learning Center was located on the former estate of Sony Founder Akio Morita in the Minami Aoyama district of Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

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