An Album of Fluid Motion

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The book An Album of Fluid Motion is a collection of black-and-white photographs of flow visualizations for different types of fluid flows. These flows include:

An Album of Fluid Motion
An album of fluid motion.jpg
1982 original cover of “An Album of Fluid Motion”
AuthorMilton Van Dyke
CountryUnited States
PublisherThe Parabolic Press
Media typePrint (hardcover, paper back )
ISBN0-915760-02-9 (hardcover)

The book was self-published by its editor, Milton Van Dyke, fluid mechanics professor at Stanford University.


  • Self-published, designed handsomely within the family, this collection needs and will enduringly reward many owners. What technical library can be without it? – Philip Morrison, Scientific American
  • All teachers of fluid mechanics should have a copy of this 'album' and should use it first to enlarge their own understanding and then that of their students.G. K. Batchelor, Journal of Fluid Mechanics
  • This compilation, aptly entitled an "album" ... is a remarkable and magnificent achievement. – Charles Thurlow III, Chemical Engineering
  • The educator finds beautiful and important illustrations for his lectures in fluid mechanics, and the student should also want to own the book. – N. Rott, Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Physik
  • Everybody with an interest in fluid dynamics, from freshman to expert, will enjoy and benefit from this book; everybody can afford to buy it; everybody should. – Peter Bradshaw, Contemporary Physics
  • An Album of Fluid Motion is a lovely book and a rare bargain. It should be part of any physics library and many personal collections. – Jerry P. Golub, American Journal of Physics
  • Neophyte or expert, student or practioner [sic?], everyone will be enchanted by this book. I have seen a delighted reaction to it in those unfamiliar with the study of fluid motion, and I have also been approached by scientists with fingers pointed at pictures in the Album to prove a technical point. – Raul Conti, Journal of the Astronautical Sciences
  • I cannot imagine a fluid dynamicist without this wonderful book. It should be required reading for all graduate students in the fluid thermal engineering field. – R. A. Granger, Ocean Engineering